Lesbian* Fanfiction to Fill the Hole in Your Heart

Have you read our recommendations for lesbian* media? (12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) You might have (rightfully) wondered why we listed so many awesome sci-fi shows, and yet left out The 100. Lexa’s death made quite a stir and hurt many people when it happened in the show. Fans wished to turn back the clock, or at least take matters into their own hands and write the story the show robbed them of: the epic love story of Lexa and Clarke. If you feel like you’ve been slapped in the face after another lesbian* character dies on TV, you can turn to fanfiction to mend your broken heart.


What exactly is fanfiction?

In a way, the name speaks for itself: fictional stories written by creative fans. These stories are always linked to a specific TV show (or book, movie, etc.) and often use the characters from the show, but there is no limit on where the story can go. Anything you’ve been wishing to see in the TV show you love, you can most likely find in fanfiction. Of course, it’s not all Hemingway-quality: most fanfiction is full of tropes and not written by professional writers. One big favourite in fanfiction is the AU romance (taking place in an alternate universe, i.e. not the show’s own world), but that is only one type of fanfiction. There is truly something here for everyone.

There is also no limit on the relationships and pairings between the characters. You have the “canon” pairings who are also together in the show, and plenty of non-canon ones, where the show writers didn’t plan the relationship but the chemistry between the actors is just so obvious, according to the fans. These pairings are very often LGBTQ+ ones, and some of the titles on the recommendation list below are non-canon as well.


Where can you find fanfiction?

There are fanfiction portals all over the internet where the writers can publish their stories - what’s more, some of these stories later end up being published as actual books. Most of these stories of course are written in English, but you don’t have to worry because they usually use simple language, and a lot of the writers aren’t native English speakers either. Some of the most popular sites are AO3 and It’s important to know that fanfictions have ratings just as TV shows do: the rating gives you information about the content and recommended age group so that you can pick what you want to read more easily.


And now, let’s get into the recommendations:


In love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence

(rating: M = Mature, adult content)

One of the most popular Clexa (Clarke/Lexa) alternate universe stories. Clarke is running for senator in California and she needs someone to manage her campaign. Lexa happens to be the most capable person for the job, and for the rest of the story we can read about the election and Lexa’s role in it through Clarke’s eyes. The chapters are surprisingly long, the character descriptions are very detailed and the story keeps on being interesting. This story is not complete yet, but there are only three chapters left.

fanart by

Whispers by gabsrambles

(rating: M = Mature, adult content)

Supergirl and Lena Luthor. While in the show, only Alex Danvers, Kara’s sister belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, in fanfiction, the romance between Kara/Supergirl and Lena Luthor is the most popular. This isn’t an AU: the universe is the same as the show’s universe, but instead of Mon-El, Kara ends up with Lena instead - after some significant struggles, of course.


Absolution. by lordvoldyfarts

(rating: E = Explicit adult content)

You have watched everything you can about Carmilla, but it still wasn’t enough and you just need your daily Laura/Carmilla fix? Read this roommate AU, featuring Danny. This beautifully written story involves cheating and it’s very popular among fans.

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She by thefooliam

(rating: M = Mature adult content)

Roommate AU with Clarke and Lexa. Clarke is going to college, but she forgot to apply for a dormitory in time, so she’s stuck with Lexa - even though she’s the last person Clarke would want to share a room with. Of course, their animosity eventually turns into a romance in this 8-chapter fanfiction that is already completed.

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Stay the night by lynnearlington

(rating: M = Mature adult content)

Another Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor AU. Kara is a professional basketball player and her basketball team is bought by Lena. Lena isn’t very interested in basketball, but after meeting Kara, she suddenly keeps showing up to more and more matches as a spectator. There’s never enough of sports AUs - the only sad thing about this story is that it’s not yet completed.

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Have fun!


Translated by Alexa Sebők

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