Lesbian vampire story – webseries on YouTube

No, the vampire is not Kristen Stewart but Canadian actors and you will not be watching it in the movies but on YouTube. This little webshow appeared on KindaTV channel (VervegirlTV back then) and since then, it is not an exaggeration, it conquered the North-American LGBTQ+ community. The show is an adaptation of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novel ‘Carmilla’ which was published in 1872 (20 years before Dracula!).

The main character is Laura Hollis who just started her first semester at Silas University in Styria. After a Friday night party Laura’s roommate, Betty, disappears and all that is left behind is a multiple choice card. Laura starts to investigate but in the meantime, the Dean appoints Carmilla Karnstein as Laura’s new roommate. Laura wants to know what happened to Betty but she needs help for that. This is how the floordon Perry, Lafontaine, Laura’s best friend, and Danny comes to the picture. Meanwhile, Carmilla lives the life of a popular college girl until she ends up in the centre of the investigation.

The webseries has four seasons on YouTube and for popular demand a movie was also made in 2017. We collected 15 fun facts about the show, maybe they make you watch it right away!

1. Queer characters are played by queer actors. The two main actors, Elise Bauman (Laura Hollis) and Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla Karnstein) are openly bi- and pansexuals and Kaitlyn Alexander (Lafontaine) is non-binary.
2. The story writers emphasized the smart and witty story with lots of Shakespeare references rather than the coming out stories.
3. There are nearly 30 subtitles available for the show so understanding it will not be a problem.

4. Because of the genre (webseries) the episodes are roughly 6-8 minutes, they can be bingewatched faster than the TV ones.
5. One of the executive producers is openly gay.
6. The original story in the 19th century has the moral aim to deter girls from being a lesbian but of course, the show does not follow this.
7. Lafontaine got their name from Le Fanu, the author of the novel.
8. The fans of the show call themselves ‘Creampuffs’ which is Laura’s nickname given by Carmilla.
9. The characters have their own Twitter account which were very active while the show was running.
10. All of the episodes were shot from one camera angle because according to the story everything happens on Laura’s vlog.
11. One of the executive producers is ‘U by kotex’ which is a tampon brand.
12. Since the target groups of the show are the Millennials and the Z generation everyone is active on social media and the show itself could be reached here: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram.
13. The promo poster for the third season is a fanart.
14. The half of the movie's budget was crowd-founded by the fans as they pre-ordered the movie.
15. After the show Natasha Negovanlis became the face of KindaTV.

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