About qLit


Why “qLit”?

We wanted to choose a name which indicates our key intention: to build community for women, specifically for lesbians*, hence the letter L. Since it has been important for us from the start to address both Hungarians and foreigners, "clit" seemed like an obvious match. In addition to capitalizing the L, we added another twist by changing the "c" to "q", thus underlining our connection to the queer community as well.

So was the name of our community, qLit (pronounced as "clit"), born.

But what is qLit?

Magazine and community building primarily for lesbians* living in Hungary. Beside the magazine, we are organizing table tennis practices biweekly, pub quizzes and hikes  every month, and occasionally other programs too.

The asterisk (*) after the word “lesbian” is there to indicate that our stories are aimed not exclusively at lesbians but to all women loving women (WLW).

We believe that our articles and events help today’s LGBTQ+ women and girls to lay fresh eyes on things surrounding them.

Just like the lesbian* community, our team is also diverse. Among us you can find marketing experts, graphic designers, copywriters, translators, architects, researchers, artists, IT experts and so. Nevertheless, one thing definitely bonds us together: we are all open people who like to reflect and are willing to make things happen. We believe that it is worth talking openly about topics that concern all of us, and we have faith in our community who are partners in this conversation.

Would you help us?

If you have experience in writing or editorial work, you would like to translate articles to qLit (from any language to Hungarian or from Hungarian to English), you could help us with anything from keeping our calendar up-to-date to collecting material to our Facebook page, we would really appreciate your help! Please contact us through qlit@qlit.hu!

Do you have a question or comment?

Drop us a line on qlit@qlit.hu!

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