Lesbian* series recs – vol. umpteenth, but there’s still a lot to watch!

Have you finished Carmilla? Have you gone through all the other series recs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)? Fear not, you’re still not out of things to watch! In this scoop we have sci-fi with superheroes, ‘plain’ sci-fi, some cheesy series and a highschool Netflix drama. Let’s take a look!


Legends of Tomorrow

A new member of DC’s small-screen universe. In the first season a group of B-list superheroes, unneeded in their own timelines, are thrown together to try and save Rip Hunter’s family with a time-travelling spaceship. Later the story goes off in a different direction, but nothing more can be said about that without spoilers. The team consists of Sara Lance/Black Canary, Ray Palmer/Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Snart and Rory, all of who might be familiar from other DC series. Amaya and Zori join them in later seasons and are perfect additions to the team. The bisexual Sara Lance showed up in Green Arrow before, but here her character is truly allowed to shine. Sara can seduce girls in any and all timelines, be it Salem or the America of the 1940’s. While the character Amaya shows no signs of being LGBTQ+ it’s worth noting that her actress,  Maisie Richardson-Sellers is living in a happy relationship with American singer Clay. (Check out her Insta profile here.)



You can check out this sci-fi drama by the Wachowski siblings on Netflix. It has two seasons, plus a two-hours finale still in production (premiere: June 8th). The story is about 8 sensates, who can tune in to each other’s mind and feelings. This special bond is a new evolutionary leap that could give power to certain groups, so the sensates are being rounded up.

The series has the most diverse cast I’ve ever seen. There are characters from literally every continent and there are two, let me repeat that TWO LGBTQ+ arcs in the MAIN(!) story. The series was filmed in the actual countries of each character, which makes it very authentic. The creators aren’t afraid to let the actors keep their accents, and the chemistry is always spot on. The whole series is very special and is very serious about representation.


The Bold Type

While I’m not especially interested in the life of a tabloid’s editorial staff, I’m always up for series about women supporting each other, where the plot isn’t driven by their machinations against each other. The three main characters of Bold Type, Jane, Kat and Sutton work as editors for the Scarlet, are best friends, and are trying to overcome the challenges of life - such as growing up and working their first job - together. The heroes: Jane, (who might be familiar from Faking It) gets her first job in journalism, Kat, who tries to make sense of her feelings for Andrea, and Sutton, who tries to excel at the fashion division. So far 10 episodes have been made, the second season is coming in June 2018, and if you’re looking for some light entertainment, this series is perfect for you.


Everything Sucks!

Yes, when I started to watch it I also thought this was just going to be Stranger Things with a twist. How wrong I was!

The main characters of this dramedy, set in 90’s America, are the members of the A/V and the drama club - so basically nerds. Luke, Tyler and McQuaid are high school freshmen, who want to fit in. They pick the A/V club for that, sealing their fate as geeks. Kate, the principal’s daughter is also a part of the club and Luke falls in love with her at first sight. While Luke being a freshman and Kate being junior could pose a problem, they start dating. But Kate knows from the start that this relationship is doomed to fail, as she has some strong feelings for Emaline from the drama class. What comes of all of this, who manages to find themselves and to what degree are questions this season only partially answers, and we must sadly accept that there won’t be a second one.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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