7 must see lesbian* short films

In January I have already presented a couple of short films you can relax with on dull weekday evenings. Let me reassure you, you won’t be left wanting for recommendations this month either.

Let’s get to the films without further ado - any of them would be a fine choice to fight boredom or if you’re in need of a short break.



A five-minute short about the relationship of two friends who grew up together. A sweet, cute, lovable, sometimes vexing but overall cheerful film about the magical proceedings of childhood relationships. Looking at the film directed by Aissa Carnet it’s crystal clear that not all shorts have to be tragic to be touching and lovable.

You can watch the film here.

Girl Night Stand

The only way Katie could be even lovelier… Wait. No! Katie is perfect. With her ‘I have no idea what I’m doing, but I like it’ style, overwhelming personality and nonstop chatter she will make you smile right from the get-go. Cheerful, funny and lovable - these three qualities are all a good film needs.

You can watch the movie here.


The worst thing about being lonely is when you aren’t comfortable in your own skin. You are imperfect, constantly and inevitably making mistakes. If you ever felt this way, this film is a must-see for you, but keep in mind - you are amazing anyway.

You can watch the movie here.


The Two of Us

How many times have you wished to just close yourself off from the World with the person you love the most? Far away from everything an everyone, in a universe where only the two of you exist. Would you really enjoy it?

Amanda and Sophia love each other, they live together in a little world of their own, far away from the city but their relationship comes to a turning point when Amanda finds she wishes for more than their insulated love. Because if you love someone you also love them in front of others. The question is given, the decision must now be made. To go or to stay? With her or without her?

You can watch the movie here.


Two girls, a friendship - or something more? The film by Charlotte Gruman depicts the change in the relationship of the two girls simply, clearly, using only some pleasant music instead of dialogues. Will it become something more, or will the friendship end too?

You can watch the movie here.

Fast Hearts

Two minutes in and you already know how will it end, and yet you keep watching. You go on, because the ending is not always the point. The important thing is the journey, where you pick up the hitchhiker girl and spend a couple of wonderful days with her. You know it will end soon, but that’s just the way things are, and who knows - maybe one day you’ll cross paths again.

You can watch the movie here.


A Private Matter

Bianca Bradley is a hugely talented actress - a quality she doesn’t only gets to showcase in the series ‘Starting from now on’ (trailer here), but also in this short.

Abbi (Giselle van der Wiel) wants to introduce her girlfriend, Charlie (Bianca Bradley) to her loved ones, so she returns to her extremely conservative village of birth, to her mother and brother. The feelings of internal struggle and fear are so intense, it’ll surely raise the hair on the back of your neck.

And yet, this is not the greatest blow this film delivers. You don’t expect it, and this is exactly why the film hits you so hard it leaves you staring off into space even as the credits roll. The fact that anything can happen couldn’t be depicted any more powerfully. Drastic, morbid, scary. A brilliant production which will leave you at a loss for words.

You can watch the movie here.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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