5 must see lesbian* short films

The primary advantage of short films is that - believe it or not - they are short. Everyone loves good stories, but the half crazy, always busy people of the 21st century don’t always have time for a feature-length movie. When you get home after a busy day a meaningful, 10-minute short film from the comfortable couch can be quite practical.

Well. Lesbian short films. Good or bad? Exciting or plain? Brilliant or almost cheesy? Meaningful or easily forgettable? YouTube offers you a huge selection to choose from, you can live on its supply for a long time. Taste is of course subjective, but as everywhere, you can find true pearls there as well. If you don’t feel like searching because you are not a time millionaire, here we have some first suggestions for you.


Empty Sky

Usual, everyday life situation. Two high school girls, Samantha and Taylor, begin a secret romantic affair. However, Samantha’s mother disapproves of the relationship. All of it in a 7 minute short movie, but it’s not the only reason why it’s on my list, but because of the last sentence: “Just because you can’t see any clouds, doesn’t mean that the sky is empty.”

You can watch the film here.



If you expect a movie to fill you with positive feelings and to deliver happy end, well, this is not that one. This is exactly the type of compact film after which you start thinking about your life. Poppy's relationship with her girlfriend Esther is tested when she is undecided about coming out to her parents. When something causes her world to come crashing down around her, Poppy must make an important and potentially devastating decision. Hopefully these kinds of things won’t happen to you, but the sneaky idea can come up to you what if...

You can watch the film here.


Once Upon A Zipper

A lesbian* short film that brings smiles to your faces. Imagine you meet the love of your life in a situation when she rips off your wedding dress... Poor Rachel reads lesbian books, writes a lesbian book and she is about to marry a guy. Which do you think is the odd one out? It’s undoubtedly funny, but I wouldn’t want to be that person who realizes right on their wedding day that the gender-selection might not have been the best.

You can watch the film here.

P.S. God bless zippers!


The Girl at the Library

If I had to say one word about this movie, I would say: cute. Not too long, not too short, not too much, not too little. For me it’s a bit like whatever, it’s good to watch something. But if you like the with or without her struggle and the idealized world with the pink cloud, it’s a must see for you.

You can watch the film here.


Camp Belvidere

If I said Camp Belvidere is not in our list because of Astrid Ovalles that would be a lie. Besides her professional acting and directing there are several notes about her. For example that she is the founder of the production company Recluse Films, dedicated to serving the lesbian community through art and LGBTQ+ cinema, made by LGBTQ+ people. In this movie you can enjoy the story of the friendship between Rose, a camp leader and Gin, a nurse in the camp - whose relationship turns into a passionate love affair. Brilliant directing, brilliant actors and the main question: will Rose walk alone on the lesbian pavement, or will Gin put her foot down and help her?

You can watch the film here.


Translated by Zsófi Bártfai

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