Curiosities from the world of sex shops

Just because we aren’t talking about something doesn’t mean it does not exist! This is just how it is with the sexual desires of Hungarians. Taboo or not, shopping at an adult store is not shameful at all! About 1500 costumers of Vá participated in a survey that mapped their erotic accessory-buying habits and experiences as the clients of the country’s biggest online sex shop.

Some of the results are actually pretty surprising! Would you have thought that even male clients mostly shop for women? Or that our preferred time for investing in new toys are Sunday evenings? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning!

Everyone does it differently, but EVERYONE does it!

Neither age, place of residence, nor – naturally – gender or relationship status should stop anyone from considering checking out a sex shop. Only grocery stores have such a diverse clientele – and of course sex shops.

Even the age range of 18-25 already patronises sex shops, they make up a little more than one tenth of the customers, but it seems like life doesn’t stop around the 6th decade either, people over 56 also almost make up another 10%.

The majority of the clients are urban (83%), with a higher education (52%), are in a stable relationship (79%) and shop about 2 times a year (30%), on Sunday evenings (10%) on their mobile (69%).

And the two most typical types of buyers? Men in their late twenties, early thirties and women of the same age. While we’re at the male-female ratio: at the first glance it would seem there’s a great disparity between the genders’ enthusiasm of shopping, since men outnumber women almost one-and-a-half times, but what they end up buying adds nuance to this picture!

What we’re curious about and what we really want:

The two are not the same, not by far! This is well illustrated by the relatively small overlap between Google searches leading to Vá and the actual products being bought. For example last year sex swings got over a hundred thousand hits, but only made up 0,05% of the products sold, and even with half a million hits, blow-up dolls are still at the bottom of the list of popularity. Vibrators, though, unquestionably top every chart.

And now back to the war of the genders! Even though men place significantly more orders, it seems like they also mostly buy for women. Toys and accessories geared towards women are about three times more popular than those specifically for men, a demand reflected by the industry’s supply range.


The trends of 2020 wants and needs:

Knowing this, it’s not surprising that classic vibrators would score, but even with the 8% of all total orders they still only got second place. First place was nicked by water-based lubes: in 2020 every tenth order/cart (and later package) included a product from this category. The bronze medal went to the category of BDSM toys, though due to the complexity of this field we can’t jump to any grand conclusions from this.

Nothing describes last year better than the almost 50% growth of popularity of the Product Cleaning and Maintenance category, which mainly consists of special – often anti-COVID – disinfectants, and that on the absolute top of the list we find a disinfectant spray. Let’s focus on the silver lining: it’s a good thing that Hungarians are so responsible when it comes to (erotic) hygiene!

Lubes and cleaning agents are, of course, more practical than arousing, so let’s move on to the real sources of pleasure!

A year in numbers:

Presumably the clientele of Vá enjoyed countless minutes of pleasure, thanks to their orders. And even though we can’t count these minutes, we can count a number of curiosities!

  • Compared to 2019 the number of people buying a new sex toy or accessory went up by 40%
  • About 1500 litres of lube made sure that couplings (or lonesome moments) went smoothly
  • 5000 back-massages worth of massage oil and massage candles enough for 240 hours made our nights sensual
  • 54% of electric vibrators were for the clit, 35% the G point and 11% for anal pleasure
  • The most popular colours for vibrators: pink (19,7%), black (17,1%), nude (10,7%), blue (8%)
  • The vibrator brand of the year is Satisfyer. This manufacturer alone sold as much products as the next six brands in line combined.

Our deepest desires – the most popular toys

  1. Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel

Attention, looks are deceiving! The absolute star of last year is not a simple lube, but a stimulant gel that helps women achieve a more intense orgasm, easier! (Well, knowing it can do that, no wonder it’s so popular.)

2. Satisfyer 1 Next

While the gel above helps achieve an unforgettable pleasure on the clit, this gadget pretty much guarantees it… It’s not an exaggeration to claim that air-suction based clitorial vibrators revolutionised the market of female sex toys, since it can bring its owner to completion in only a minute. This device is cheap but reliable, so it’s been impossible to move it from the top for years now.

If you can’t decide which vibrator would be the best fit for you, check out this article for some pointers.

3. Black Velvet small anal plug

Anal sex might be the greatest taboo there is, but now we have proof that Hungarian adults are really interested in the use of alternative orifices! Going by the uptick in the popularity of the small anal plug it can be assumed that year by year more and more people look for the ‘back door’.

Check out our article on anal sex from a lesbian perspective, without taboos.

4. Our Sex Game

The new, compact and discreet erotic board game came out in August, and promptly de-throned the unquestioned favourite of the previous years, Monogamy. The secret, beyond the spicy tasks hidden behind a simple packaging, is the gender-neutral gameplay, which is a first in this category, at least in a game also released in Hungarian.

We also tested the game, and summed up our experiences in this article.

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