Sex Marks the Spot – new adult board game, an expedition to the land of desire!

Remember Our Sex Game on Vá OSG is a game that proceeds gradually, is relatively slow-paced, where you start with sexy words and gear up step-by-step to sex. Now we tried a different type of board game, Sex Marks the Spot.

The relatively small box contains 60 cards of tasks and situations, 2 escape cards (Sexcuse Me Cards), 4 sex cards, a block of score sheets, a game board, rulebook, two pieces and two eight-sided dice. The rules are simple, the gameplay can be understood in a couple of minutes, just prepare a nice drink and you’re all set!

The first step is for both parties to write down the sexual fantasy they will ‘fight’ for on their game sheet. Whoever wins will get to act out their fantasy at the end of the game. On the other side of the sheet, we can collect the points, the Xs. I’ve already given the game makers a mental thumbs-up here: it’s a great idea to be able to choose the length of the game! If you want a short run, you can have two X’s, but if you want to stretch it out, go for the 6 X’s match. The players get their escape card and 2 Sexier cards each, which can be placed on a desired square after every 10 minutes – if you move onto this square, you get a Sex card and have to act out the situation described there.

The numbers rolled with the red and blue dice are used to move around the square-shaped board. The different squares give different tasks: if you move to the ‘strip’ one you have to take off a piece of clothing, if you move to the ‘martini glass’ you have to sip your drink, if you move to the X you can put an X on your game sheet – and get closer to the prize. For the other boxes, you will draw a card and do as it says, via different symbols. The signs cover five categories: tests of courage, pleasures for now or later, romance and passion, BDSM and exploratory questions.

Here’s a little glimpse at the challenges you may get:

  • Ask your partner to imitate oral sex with the object of your choice.

It’s best to have some fruit at hand for this one: I recommend peaches. (It worked a treat for us!)

  • A cape made of a bedsheet, some tight stockings with a panty over them: voilá, you’re your partner’s superhero! Get dressed and offer them your services!

Here both of us being girls came in handy, as it was all the same which one of us got this task.

  • Make up a rule that must be followed until the end of the game. Every time your partner breaks it, they get a spanking.

Be creative. My rule was that she must not utter the word ‘no’. The game involved a lot of spanking.

  • Get blindfolded! Your partner has to put three things into your mouth which you must suck on or lick.

Even better if you do the licking together.

  • Tie you partner’s hands back and have them kneel before you. Stand as close to them as you can, so they can give you oral for two minutes.

This is the perfect chance to experiment with some softcore BDSM.

As you progress through the game, you get to break out the Sexier cards. When you move to one of these squares, you must draw a Sex card, which contains a specific challenge. These are much more daring tasks, such as wrapping each other head to toe in cling film, or role-playing as a sex slave. Here you’re sure to find a task that will take you out of your comfort zone. Feel free to try out the ones that seem too bizarre at first glance: new experiences, new thrills, that’s what this is all about!

Sex Marks the Spot is an exciting erotic board game with a variety of tasks that lesbians can also try out. Although it is not explicitly stated that it is a gender-neutral game, the wording of the tasks does not mention male or female roles.


  • Optional gameplay length. No need to dance around each other for hours if you’re looking for a quicker ride!
  • There’s really no winner or loser in this game. Play so that you both enjoy it equally!
  • Small, handy box and board. You can take it on holiday with you!


  • After 4-5 games, the tasks become kind of repetitive. But if you’re creative enough, you can spice it up with some extras. 
  • Only two can play. Okay, that’s probably not a problem for most people.

We tried Sex Marks the Spot courtesy of Vá If you’re in the mood, you can order it here


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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