Anal sex without taboos, through lesbian lens

Anal is not a favourite topic for lesbians, most reactions I’ve seen were of the knee-jerk there’s-no-way-I’d-try-it variety. But besides the typical ‘ew yucky’, ‘only men enjoy that’, ‘no one goes near my butt, I’ll just clench up all over’ reactions I also know a lot of women who do enjoy when their partner’s fingers stray that way, regularly use anal accessories or are at least experimenting with and are open to the topic.

We’re launching a new series, sponsored by vá in which we discover the world of sex toys and accessories and discuss everything and anything from lube 101 to strap-ons, anal toys and nipple clamps. What, when, which one, how, how many times, why, why not? All questions you asked in embarrassment or did not ask at all, or if you did, you couldn’t find an answer. We are going to answer it all, including the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask!

Before we get into the detailed description of anal sex toys…

…Let me butt in with some advice!

The trick is not getting too wound-up. Whenever something is coming near our backside we reflexively clench up and this automatic reaction is admittedly not easy to overcome. The anus is an area rich in nerve-endings, so stimulating it feels nice. But to achieve this you must be able to completely relax with your partner, to not have any inhibitions with each other and not to be disturbed while relaxing. Butt-play is the best if you’re both calm and have the time to properly get into it and proceed slowly.

Practice makes perfect!

Proceed gradually! Try out how caressing and stimulating the anus while having sex feels like. If it’s pleasant, next time you can insert the tip of a finger. Later you can try involving a small anal plug. To find the method of anal sex that works best for you, you need to keep practicing and experimenting.

Lube above all!

Unlike the vagina, this area doesn’t get moist even when you’re aroused, so you must always use lube! It’s worth buying anal lube, since these types help you relax. Just Glide Bio anal lube is what worked best for us.

It’s possible to keep things clean!

Well yes, butt-sex can get dirty, but with a little extra attention and keeping some basic rules of hygiene in mind you can prevent this inconvenience. First things first, let’s get something straight: you’ll enjoy anal sex if your bowels are emptied beforehand. If noting’s there to get in the way of pleasure, then the chance of getting dirty is also minimal. You also absolutely must take a very thorough shower before sex and if you want to play extra safe with cleanliness you can also use a douche.

Anal stays anal!

Our rectum contains bacteria that should not get anywhere else, so a basic hygienic rule is that what goes into the butt should not be used anywhere else. So do not alternate between the butt and the vagina while fingering and don’t mix anal accessories in with the rest. Through cleaning the toys is a must, it’s best done using disinfectant spray.

If you want to level up from the pleasures of caressing-fingering, then you should first take a look at the selection of anal plugs. An anal plug the length of a couple of cm-s is a good start, but if you’re braver you can also get started with an anal dildo. To help you choose, I’ve brought to you today two anal packages and a special Kegel ball.


FEELZTOYS Bibi - anal dildo set

Butt plug, anal plug – whatever you call it, these little things are the most popular anal accessories. The mechanism is simple and effective: due to its shape it slides in easily and stays stable. The material, colour, size and design are all the matters of personal taste, but luckily sex shops always keep a wide selection.  I like the three-piece set of feelztoys  because both my girlfriend and I can find a size we like in it. I prefer size S, she likes size M, and we use L when things get really wild, so the whole set is well-used. It’s made of silicone, the touch is similar to those of high-end silicone vibrators. It’s easy to clean, it comes in a practical box and the price is also good. It’s a household favourite for us.

Satisfyer Beads - anal beads set

The pink one has beads, the blue one has diamond-shaped ‘bumpers’. With this type of anal dildos the special experience is achieved by the insertion and pulling out of the beads that gradually increase in size. How deep you go, or in which exact moment of the session you pull it out or insert more beads, is all up to you. If you wish to study anal pleasure in greater detail, anal beads are a good choice. 

GoGasm Pussy & Ass - anal and vaginal combination Kegel ball

Exercising the pelvic muscles can be a cornerstone of our sex lives. If you want a more intense orgasm, you can train your interior muscles with a little practice and exercise at home. I already wrote about a super cool Kegel ball set in the Valentine's Day article, now I bring you a real extravagant one that combines anal and vaginal use. The bigger egg goes into the vagina, the smaller up your butt, and there, you’re all set for some intimate training.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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