Womanizer by Lily Allen, or what do sex toys have to do with celebrities?

Vibrators promoted by celebs? Not something we’re used to here in Hungary, but in a lot of countries it doesn’t count as unusual anymore. For example a couple of months ago model, actor and singer Cara Delevinge became a partner in sex tech startup Lora DiCarlo, which presents its audience of pleasure-seeking women with ground-breaking new solutions. It’s worth taking a look at their extraordinary wares, and if you’re not afraid of opening your wallet you can even order from them, because they ship to Hungary too.

We’re launching a new series, sponsored by vá, in which we discover the world of sex toys and accessories and discuss everything and anything from lube 101 to strap-ons, anal toys and nipple clamps. What, when, which one, how, how many times, why, why not? All questions you asked in embarrassment or did not ask at all, or if you did, you couldn’t find an answer. We are going to answer it all, including the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask!

Goop, launched by Gwyneth Paltrow, also puts a special focus on sexual accessories too, besides its usual health and beauty advice. Alongside well-known brands like Womanizer, Lelo and Smile Makers, their selection also includes specialities that would make even an experienced vibrator-used scratch her head. With every other vibrator, even after a long inspection I still couldn’t figure out how they were supposed to be used. Who knows, maybe that’s why they hide some unexpected pleasures?

Let’s move on to Lily Allen, who now can’t only bring you joy with her song ‘Fuck you’, but also brighten your day with the clit-stimulating vibrator she endorses. By the way the singer also covered Britney’s ‘Womanizer’, which is at least as good as the original, and is worth listening to. So what Lily endorsed is one of the luxury brand Womanizer’s most sought-after products, Liberty, a clitorial sucking vibrator. I don’t know if this fact will encourage anyone to invest in a Womanizer, but I’ll say as much: at least once in a lifetime everyone should experience a luxury vibrator. Liberty falls into this luxury category, and if clit-massaging is something you’re into, then there’s no question about getting one.

Let’s see what the description has to say about Womanizer Liberty:

  • The power of the suction-pulse can be set to 6 intensity-levels from gentle to turbo, with plus and minus signs, so the settings are self-explanatory, not at all complicated.
  • Ergonomic design – I still don’t know what that’s supposed to mean for a vibrator. Anyway, it looks nice, it’s easy to hold and I guess you’re not gonna get carpal tunnel while using it.
  • Magnetic charger, magnetic case. Both practical, hygienic, and extra props for the carrier case, because sex toys usually only come with a textile holder.
  • IPX7 waterproofness, which means it can be submerged up to a half-an-hour and half a metre – perfect for a quick session in the tub.
  • Orgasm possible within 60 seconds. Well sure, ‘possible’. It does work for me, it can really get me off within a minute. I’ve also heard similar feedback from others, but it’s not guaranteed. What is certain, is that air-suction based vibrators do get women to orgasm or near orgasm extra quickly.

The brand Womanizer launched 7 years ago, based on the realisation that many women struggle with achieving an orgasm, or can’t get there at all. Womanizer was the first to design vibrators specifically to meet the needs of women instead of manufacturing more and more life-like dildos. Womanizer’s goal is to help women get off, and based on the feedback, they are succeeding.

Translated by Zsófi Ziaja

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