Where to go?

It is Saturday night, you are about to go out, but not sure where to? Fortunately you have more and more options to choose from - well, at least if you live or are currently visiting Budapest. Let's see where to go downtown!

WOW (Women On Women)

Party series organized once a month, mostly for girls/women, but open for everyone. Dance-pop music with young, mixed crowd usually taking place at Toldi Klub, in summer occasionally going open-air.



The oldest running lesbian party, only for girls/women (above 18) organized every month. Occasionally the party is open for guys too, then it is always written at the Facebook event. Club dance & retro music, spiced up with karaoke.



Straight-firendly dance-pop party series usually organized twice a month since 2016. Mixed crowd with relatively well-balanced girl/guy ratio. The venue varies, in summer we can mainly spot VIBE's molino at one of the nightclubs in Margitsziget or Kopaszi-gát.



Ongoing pop-party series from 2012 organized every month currently at Toldi Klub. The 50-50% ratio of women and men present at the beginning has slowly tilted to the guys' advance.



One of the oldest LMBTQ party organizer teams of the Budapest nightlife. The crew changed quite much in the last few years but the core concept remained the same. Their motto, Straight Friendly House Clubbing, tells all about their vision: you can be anyone, we are all the same on the dancefloor. The trio of Fatma, Legars and Marion mostly works with 4/4 rhythms, and in spite of their quite unified style they are surprisingly diverse, covering a wide range of genres from easy going and vocal nu-disco through harder deep house to filthy tech house.



The party series promoting technosexual revolution addresses LGBTQ people who are open to fresh and exciting electronic music, it introduces us to uncompromising house and techno. The name OMOH comes from the special unit of the Russian police. Being HOMO backwards, its self-definition is "homo house commando".




A new spot in the night. Straight-friendly, colorful, mailny with '90s music.



The youngest party series in Ankert, making Friday nights even more colorful. The attendees are mainly guys and foreign people, but you can find some girls, too. Trashpop for everyone!


So, if you are in Budapest and would like go out on a Friday or Saturday night, you will most probably find one for your own taste. To be sure, check our event calendar.

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