Family is family – new card game, video and podcast series coming soon

The Foundation for Rainbow Families has produced a card game, video and podcast series showcasing the diversity of Hungarian families. In the Family is a Family card game, players can learn about the variety of families we live in today. In a video campaign and podcast series, launched at the same time as the game, celebrities living in these different family types talk about their own families. The videos feature Kíra Járai, Anita Ábel, Márton Pál and Márkó Linczényi, among others. The Foundation wants to discuss the diversity of families, as the data from the latest census of the Central Bureau of Statistics shows that the concept of family is much broader than many would think or legally recognise in Hungary today.

For years, the Foundation for Rainbow Families has been working to show that the concept of family is more diverse than people would think, more than how the current legislation defines it. It is also an important objective to engage in a calm, reasoned dialogue on the situation of families, based on facts and well-supported research, listening to each other’s arguments. Because not only nuclear families, but divergent family models are all very similar in what really matters: all Hungarian families share the same care, the same love and the same concern – regardless of their set-up.

The campaign, which will be launched in November, will consist of three parts: video format, podcast and a game, showcasing the types of families living among us.

Their videos feature famous people talking about their families and what the concept means to them. Their experiences alone show how many different kinds of families exist in Hungary today. The speakers are Orsi Tapasztó, Anita Ábel, Kíra Járai, Dorka Gryllus, Márkó Linczényi, Patrícia Kovács, Anna Ott, András Péter Kovács, Kriszta Hadas, Eszter Balla and Márton Pál.

The card game called Family is Family was developed with the help of psychologists and mental health professionals. 
The aim is for anyone who picks up this deck to encounter all the family situations which they may come into contact with in their real, day-to-day lives. The cards are meant to present facts, generate thought-provoking questions, start a discourse, and dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about the diversity of families and family types

The professional organisations supporting the game are Family, Child, Youth Public Benefit Association, Emberség Erejével (By the Power of Humanity), Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Budapest Early Development Centre, Menedékház (Shelter) Foundation.

The card game will be available from 20 November 2023 at Pagony, Book24 and Partizan.

In their thirteen-part podcast series (in association with the game) on Partizan,
starting in early December, a representative of each family type will talk to an expert and the hosts, mental health professional and mediator Éva Hennel and family rights activist Márton Pál, curator of the foundation. This will be the first educational series in the country that specifically focuses on family types, exploring their benefits and difficulties through personal and professional examples.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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