What to watch at the end of summer – from vampires to lesbian detectives

We still don’t know whether we have to face another lockdown or not, but if we do, then here are three series for passing your free time. The first two shows have snatched a few Emmy nominations while the third one is a delicious specialty, but only if you love detective series.


What We Do In The Shadows

Taika Waititi became fairly famous with the last Thor movie and in 2015 he directed a horror comedy, featuring the everyday lives of a few vampires from New Zealand in a documentary style. HBO created a show based on the movie and two seasons have already aired. The show continues with the same style as the original movie started, a documentary crew follows the lives of Nandor, Laszlo and Nadia. The mundane lives of the vampires who emigrated from Eastern Europe to Staten Island are hilarious and I almost couldn't stop laughing. The vampires are helped by a confidant / servant named Guillermo, in addition we learn that energy vampires do exist. The story is not exactly LGBTQ+ themed, but based on the the orgies and the story lines no one is heterosexual in this series. But why do I recommend it? Among others, Beanie Feldstein appears in the series, whom I know from Lady Bird and the genius Booksmart and in real life her significant other is British Bonnie Chance Roberts. Besides, Evan Rachel Woods makes a cameo, whose insta profile is here, let it talk instead of me. The series is available with Hungarian subtitles on HBO GO.


Love Life

I watched this show on HBO GO, too, with Anna Kendrick  whom I absolutely adore. I was already a fan of her in Pitch Perfect, and then she created a movie with Blake Lively in 2018 titled A Simple Favor. And now, finally! I can watch her for a full season and not only in a feature-length film. The show follows the love life of Darby from her first romance until her last romance and every episode pictures a different love interest of hers. One of Darby’s best friends is lesbian and she is in a happy relationship with her girlfriend, while we watch the ups and downs of Darby’s private life. Zoe Chao makes an appearance, too, whom I met in  the web series Strangers, but here she plays a 100% hetero character.  Probably I’m biased towards Anna Kendrick, but the episodes are 20-minute long, it’s the summer, and if not for else, it’s worth a binge watch.



The show details the life of Jackie Quiñones, who is a drug-addict fisheries cop. I mean she chases fisheries criminals while she is high. Of course this isn’t the story’s most important part, that is the first episode when Jackie finds a body washed ashore on the beach after a wild night. Then she decides that she has to investigate the cause of death. The location is Cape Cod, which looks like an LGTBQ+ paradise at first sight. Naturally, the heroine is lesbian and the actress playing her role, Monica Raymund is bisexual. The first season has already aired, there will be a second season, but  the premier date isn’t set yet. The main character is interesting, very macho but she may turn out to be likeable. The story itself is exciting, so if you long to enjoy a lesbian detective series, this is a good choice for you. 

Translated by Emese Balog

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