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I could probably write about some other series again, but I’m a little fed up with how LGBTQ+ characters are just sidekicks, so I started looking for shows where that’s not the case. I’ve been watching Youtube shows for ever, but I have to admit it’s not easy to find good ones. Youtube webseries usually have low budget, which causes them to lose quality. However, there are some exceptions that I can recommend:



Canada is somehow always at the top of the list when it comes to LGBTQ+ content. Or I might just be biased, since lately I’ve been consuming a lot of Canadian media. So here’s Couple-ish, created and written by Kaitlyn Alexander. Kaitlyn started out as a Youtuber, then played Laf in Carmilla, and this is her solo project. The story is about Dee and Rachel’s relationship, who start out as roommates but grow closer because of Rachel’s need for a visa. Rachel’s British and she needs one to stay in Canada. She secretly uses Dee’s name as if they were already in a relationship… Which Dee learns from an official letter. To complicate matters, Rachel starts getting closer to Dee’s sister, Amy. The show has two seasons, it’s adorable, the characters are quite loveable and you will certainly love it if you liked Laf in Carmilla.

Here is the link to the series.



Til Lease Do Us Part

This is Unsolicited Project's Youtube series, it’s format is based on an already existing season, but the episodes can be enjoyed without knowing the previous season. The classic, my ex-girlfriend is moving in because my roommate is dating her now- situation. Jess and Elliot are living together on the university campus, when Lexi arrives, who’s dating Jess now, but used to date Elliot. Obviously Elliot is over Lexi, at least that’s what she says, until things get more complicated. If you miss university life, this series is a great way to get nostalgic, and if you’re looking for one and a half hour-worth of LGBTQ+ themed fun, you’ve found your match.

Here is the link.


Her Story

I stumbled upon this series accidentally, when I was collecting material for my review, but I have no regrets for watching it all the way through. A lesbian reporter wants to write an article about trans people and she needs a person to interview on the topic. She asks the only transgender person she knows from her favorite bar. The story is about their ordinary lives, which makes it more loveable, and there’s a serious spark between the two main characters, Violet and Allie. There’s real character development, and the side characters are brilliant, too. The everyday-feel of the series makes you feel like it could happen to you, too. It brings up the topic of what it means to be a woman, and it does in a really beautiful way. I can only recommend this show, unfortunately it only has one season, but that one is quite a masterpiece.

You can watch it here.



I have read about this show before, but didn’t really look into it. After Dorka recommended it, I started to look for it on the internet, and I finally got to binge it with a British VPN. It was worth every minute. This show has the money, concept, uniqueness, precisely created characters, and it’s everything an LGBTQ+ person could dream of. After cheating on her boyfriend with a girl, Isobel stays alone in her rented apartment, and she has to find a new flatmate to pay rent. Every episode features a new tenant who helps with her problems or creates even more problems for Isobel. Isobel’s permanent partner is Cam, who is absolutely crazy but their friendship makes the show all the more loveable. Two seasons were made, the second one is better than the first, although the stakes were high after the first season. It’s a little complicated to start up Facebook Watch with VPN, but the show is really enjoyable, and it was worth the struggle for me.


Translated by Éva Csermendy

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