Bio, chocolate, gentle, water-based, silicone- based – what kind of lube should we chose?

Let’s start with the basics! Believe me, lube is a girl’s best friend. Kri tested a bunch and now she’ll help us with what to consider when buying a lubricant, and she also presents a couple of different types.

We’re launching a new series, sponsored by vá, in which we discover the world of sex toys and accessories and discuss everything and anything from lube 101 to strap-ons, anal toys and nipple clamps. What, when, which one, how, how many times, why, why not? All questions you asked in embarrassment or did not ask at all, or if you did, you couldn’t find an answer. We are going to answer it all, including the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask!

Lubricant is the most basic sexual accessory. Since it counts as a cosmetic product it’s also sold in drug stores, pharmacies and malls. It’s important to keep in mind what the product is made of, what to pay attention to when using it, if there’s a risk of an allergic reaction for people with certain sensitivities. These are questions that can only be answered by a seller who knows the product well, or at least someone with a pharmacist degree. I’m not exactly prudish, but I’d rather not roll up to the nice auntie behind the counter I usually buy vitamins and cough drops from and start asking her about the ingredients of my chosen lube. So
if I want to buy lube I always go to a sex-shop because on one hand there are competent sellers who can answer all my questions and on the other hand they have the largest selection. Still, before buying it pays to research a bit online to see what to look out for and who recommends what type of lube.

With this article we’d like to help you decide what kind of lube to buy and why. Before we get into the specific types and their effects, I’d like to dispel three popular bits of misinformation widely believed by lesbians.

Myth no. 1: Using lube is embarrassing, it
means I’m not wet enough

Every woman produces different amounts of vaginal fluid when aroused. Not only does this change from person to person, but our own body might react differently in different situations. We might be fully aroused and still only produce a little of fluid or on the contrary, the very thought of sex might make us extremely wet. It’s never embarrassing to use lube!

Myth no. 2: You only need lube if you’re using
some sort of a sex toy

It really is highly recommended to use lube with toys to avoid epidermal injuries or unwanted infections. But in any case, lube is an excellent accessory for intercourse, be it oral sex, fingering, foreplay or erotic massage.

Myth no. 3: It doesn’t matter what lube we use,
they are all the same.

Not at all! First it must be made clear what base is the lubricant. It can be water-based, silicone- based or hybrid (the mix of the other two). All types have their pros and cons. Water-based lubes can be used with all sex toys, are easy to clean off and they don’t stain your clothes. Silicone-based ones can’t be used with silicone toys, but the viscosity effect lasts longer. If you decided what base you want, you ‘only’ need to choose if it should be bio, flavoured, edible, scented, have a warming effect, a cooling effect, be a stimulant or natural.

If you’re the curious type

Our choice might be aided by sample packages that contain small amounts of lubes with different bases, flavours and effects. After carefully examining one of these eight-sample packages we’re sure to find the one best suited for us.

Among the eight, 10 ml/pcs package we can find sensitive, strawberry-flavoured, cooling, warming, hybrid, silicone-based, coconut- and salted-caramel-flavoured ones. The packages are not re-sealable, so it really is best to order it if our goal is to test and explore. If you fall in love with one kind, you can compare prices of
the chosen product by different manufacturers.

Nature first: water-based lubes

Like I mentioned, water-based types are the most universal, as they can be used with all sex toys, don’t stain clothes and sheets, can be washed off easily and come in a wide price- range. Their biggest drawback if that during an intercourse that lasts longer than 10 minutes it can become sticky which really undermines the enjoyment. Water-based lubes come in the widest selection, and we can easily find special flavours and scents.

JO water-based lubes in strawberry, salted- caramel and chocolate flavours – premium experience

Flavoured lubes were never my favourites. All the others I tried before had a really cheap- feeling, nauseating scent, so not only did they not have any extra effect, they outright dampened the mood.

JO provides a surprisingly high quality aromatic scent-and flavour experience, for example the chocolate variety tastes like Mozart chocolate liqueur. JO special lubes had an outright addictive effect on me, ever since I’ve been going crazy over more and more flavours. Luckily there’s no shortage of exotic aromas, for
example JO Gelato edible products come in white-chocolate and raspberry truffle and double-chocolate flavours too. I can’t get enough of them! The snapping lid is another pro, with an opening ideal for perfect dosage.

HOT Superglide Coconut – the cheap knockoff

It has the aforementioned cheap, artificial flavour, but it has a reasonably pleasant scent and the warming effect is nice. But if sex lasts more than a couple of minutes for you I don’t recommend this lube because it gets sticky and tacky pretty quickly.

Pink Water – stimulant – the practical choice

Pink Water’s strength is its pump dispenser, besides, it’s scent-and flavourless. It also contains stimulants, hence the name, but this effect I cannot confirm. For me this provides an experience equal to a normal, plain water- based lube, it didn’t have a positive effect like, for example, Durex Intense Orgasmic did.

JustGlide BIO vegan & BIO anal vegan - for nature lovers

Decomposing, compostable tube. Yep, that’s a thing manufacturers are mindful of, since being environmentally conscious is important even in bed! 100% vegan normal or anal water-based lube, works as it should.

BIOglide original – the gentle solution

Made of all natural ingredients, composition perfectly in line with all dermatological requirements. The perfect solution if you have sensitive skin, if you can’t stand artificial ingredients and don’t like to fuss over things too much.

Long-lasting viscosity: silicone and hybrid lubricants

If you want to take things to the next level, you might want to try silicone-based and hybrid lubes too. They retain viscosity for much longer, no need to ‘reload’ during a longer session. It’s important to note that silicone-based lubes absolutely cannot be used with silicone toys, so they can only serve as an additional solution, used with, for example a water-based lubricant. They are waterproof, which is both a pro and a
con – I probably don’t have to go into details of the pros, but you must know that they can’t be washed off of anything by water alone so make sure to keep soap at hand at all times. Another con is that they stain your clothes and sheets.

JustGlide original – the silicone wonder

Quality. This is the word encompassing my experiences with the JustGlide silicone-based lube. The twisting cap is the only thing I didn’t like at first glance but it’s surprisingly easily dispersed through the small hole. Remember not to use it with silicone toys!

JO Hybrid Coconut– the jolly joker

Even during longer intercourse the consistency doesn’t become tacky, it doesn’t leave stains, it’s recommended both for anal and vaginal use, it isn’t sticky, and it’s scent- and flavourless. It’s important that it can’t be used with toys that contain silicone. With other, rubber, metal or glass toys though, it’s the perfect choice. If you’re not using silicone toys, it’s definitely worth it to try the hybrid lube because it’s much more pleasant, silkier than the water-based ones.


Finally let me sum up the 5 most important things you need to consider when buying lube:

  • What’s the lube’s base? Your choice should depend on the circumstances you want to use it in.
  • Does it contain any ingredients you’re sensitive to?
  • Cost-value ratio, packaging. It’s worth comparing products by price per ml.
  • Buy at a place where you’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • Pick a high-quality product!

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Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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