Merry Table Tennis Christmas, come and play with us in 2019 as well!

32 weeks, 2 tournaments, 133 participants, 663 hours of play. Friday night means table tennis at BME Sports Centre!

Last Friday was the closing party of 2018’s table tennis, with not-so-traditional games, cakes and all the Xmas music.

Volley-table tennis

qLit-Atlasz table tennis is one of the newest sports of Atlasz LGBTQ Sport Club, launched in 2018. The introduction took place at Atlasz Sports Day in April, and since later that month we have been playing every week at BME Sports Centre.

We play on 6 tables, altogether 16 people can play at once

We are past 32 weeks of playing, and since September we have been playing 2 hours thanks to the more and more people who’d like to join. With the 2 tournaments held altogether 133 players have visited us, and we played as much as 663 hours!


We see you at the same time, same place next year as well: at BME Sports Centre, 6-8 pm, every Friday. And don’t miss our newsletters: we are planning on introducing a training once a week and we will tell you details about the upcoming Winter tournament!

If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, don’t hesitate to drop a line to pingpong@qlit.hu! For details about the weekly play click here.

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