Quiz, table tennis, hiking – join us in our qLit activities!

For many years now, qLit has been organising programmes for the community. Our regular activities include pub quizzes, table tennis, and hiking field trips. Occasionally we also come up with something new!!

See, we were already full of excitement for the first three months of 2024! Every two weeks we played table tennis for two hours at the BME Sports Centre, and afterwards, we spent hours chatting and eating-drinking at a nearby pub. We held three quizzes at Gaby’s, where our new quiz master*, Orsi took on a greater and greater role alongside Ágota – they will take turns on the lead until June. In March, the hiking season headed to its start: on the 24th we hiked around Budaörs in super weather, taking in some Mediterranean vibes by visiting Odvas Hill, Farkas Hill, Szekrényes Hill, and Szállás Hill.  

If you want to participate in our programmes, for not to miss out on the information subscribe to the mailing lists for each activity on the main page of qLit’s website.



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