Sexy gifts – not just for Valentine’s Day

Do you know why being a lesbian is awesome? In a previous article we already listed 11 pros of the lesbian life, now we’ll detail the sexual perks that so far went unmentioned: sex toys. No matter what female-geared accessory you choose it will bring the same pleasure and satisfaction for the both of you. Whatever you try on your partner, she can try it on you the same way. What is this, if not a beautiful, total sharing of the senses?

We’re launching a new series, sponsored by vá, in which we discover the world of sex toys and accessories and discuss everything and anything from lube 101 to strap-ons, anal toys and nipple clamps. What, when, which one, how, how many times, why, why not? All questions you asked in embarrassment or did not ask at all, or if you did, you couldn’t find an answer. We are going to answer it all, including the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask!

Experimenting always pays off! This way you and your partner won’t only get to know each other better, but you might unearth sexual desires and pleasures you never thought you’d be capable of. Let’s see some ways you can spice things up a bit.

Orgie Sexy Vibe HOT - a pro at foreplay

This strawberry-scented liquid vibrator with a heating effect is more or less what it says on the tin. More or less because it won’t bring you to an orgasm on its own, but it works wonders as an excitant. My girlfriend thinks it smells like lychee, but it reminds me of strawberry PEZ candy – either way, it has a pleasant scent. It has a lube-like consistency, but make no mistake, this product is not a lubricant.

Spread a couple of drops on the clit and the vaginal area – or if you’re interested in anal, then there too – and enjoy the nice, warm, tingly feeling. It takes 1-2 minutes for it to fully take effect, in the meantime you can go right ahead with foreplay.

Black Velvet Nipple Sucker – small but powerful

These simple nipple suckers work by vacuum technology, which means you press the bells, place them on the nipples and they stick on. The suction power depends on how hard you compressed them, and moving the metal rings can also provide a little extra strength. Based on these you can work out just the right pressure that truly takes your breath away

A simple but great little device. It’s easy to use and this black-metal combination is really cool, so all in all it’s a perfect accessory. Advice for advanced users: it works just as well on the clit, and since it comes in a pair, you can use it at the same time as your partner.

Bad Kitty handcuffs and blindfold - a glimpse into the world of BDSM

If you’re intrigued by dominant-submissive roleplay, you may also be interested in bondage and blindfolding. This set will help you explore precisely that. Traditional metal handcuffs are not too comfortable, after a couple of minutes they start to cut into the wrists, so unless you’re specifically interested in pain-play, you might want to look for something softer. Bad Kitty handcuffs are comfortable, easy to use but provide effective restraint, keep your hands securely trapped. The blindfold is thick, soft and blocks your vision effectively, but the elastic band it too tight. Or maybe my head is too big.

Soon we’ll bring you more BDSM accessories, but in the meantime you can practice on the Bad Kitty beginner set.

Rianne Essentials kegel ball set - combine pleasure and workout

Kegel balls are not only erotic toys, they are also workout accessories. These 15-55 gram balls may not make your biceps grow, but they provide ample workout for your pelvic muscles, an exercise which, when done regularly, can help you achieve more intense vaginal orgasms. As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with the lighter balls out of the four and upgrade to the heavier ones as you become more confident. The Rianne playball set is simply beautiful. The balls are nice to the touch, and come in matte but spectacular colours, and the set includes a practical little bag. Due to its titillating effect it’s perfect for foreplay too, and don’t be surprised if the recommended 10-minutes-a-day exercise ends up turning into sex.

Translated by Zsófi Ziaja

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