Holiday greetings from the qLit team!

It’s been half a year since we started publishing articles on qlit.hu, and more than a year since Dorka and Eni first dreamt about the idea of the site. During this time we've met up in both summer shorts and winter coats to come up with new articles, form our website and reach the dream goal, to create a lesbian* community. Our Christmas gift is the fact that you all read this article for example, among with the others. Thank you for sticking with us!

Around Christmas time we all tend to reflect a bit on how the year went, how we've spent it. We are no different and we are happy to say that this year’s events included creating Hungary’s first online lesbian* magazine. Every like, every comment, every shared post inspire us to put even more effort into what we started. Thank you for being our motivation!

However, Christmas time can be challenging for some of us. We can’t oversee the fact that so many LGBTQ+ people have ruined relationships with their relatives due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. It can be even more painful to face these facts at Christmas. In case you don’t have anywhere to go or you know LGBTQ+ people who can’t spend the holidays with their family or live alone, please recommend them LGBTQ+ children and parents support group and Budapest Pride’s shared event, Community Christmas. The gathering will take place on December 24th from 11 am at Aurora. The party is eat-drink all you bring, but there will be a microwave, tea, cookies and movie time together: the screening of the Canadian movie, C.R.A.Z.Y.

We wish a Merry Christmas to all of our followers and readers in the name of the whole qLit team!*

*And don't forget to sing the classic song of Rockin' around the qLitmas tree in the light of the Christmas tree candles. 😉


Translated by Éva Csermendy

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