Dating 102 – Dating locations for Summer

In our first Dating tips article we gave a few ideas on how to prepare for a first date both in body and mind, what to keep in mind and what to do afterwards. What we didn’t discuss was where to take our date-mate. It’s Summer, so where else but outdoors? Here are some refreshing locations for a perfect first time!
(In case you don’t have a date yet, the solution is of course qLit Speed Dating on the 10th of August. Note: you have to register for it and it will be in Hungarian only.)


For those looking for a unique vibe

Bálint Galéria Kávézó / Bálint Gallery Café

Great terrace outside, beer on tap inside, pictures on the wall so that there are plenty to talk about. Although there is no food here, you can order pizza from the pizza place nearby. Address: 1026 Budapest, Házmán u. 5


The place awaits those in search of a downtown atmosphere and the breeze on the banks of the Danube with free concerts almost every day. The spot you can’t go wrong with, and yet not a typical romantic destination. Address: 1052 Budapest, Id. Antall József rakpart 1.


Pagony kert / Pagony Garden

Would you like to go on a date at an unusual location? How about an empty pool? Indeed, this is a thing you can do in Budapest, just head to Pagony! Dine, don’t dive! Address: 1114 Budapest, Kemenes u. 10.

Kőleves / Stone Soup

Colourful chairs on the gravel. Open spaces yet intimate atmosphere, also Kőleves is signed up with the Safe Space program, so we recommend them even more gladly. Address: 1075 Kazincy u. 41.


For the romantics

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró / Fellini Roman Culture Bistro

Evergreen classic. Though it’s often at full capacity, believe me when I say a deck-chair at the bank of the Danube is worth a few minutes of wait. Awesome view for an awesome date! Address: 1039 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 5.

Kabin / Cabin

Though they probably wouldn’t be happy to be labelled as such, they are the Fellini of Pest. The Szúnyog (midge) island (or Népsziget/Islad of the People) is perfect for going on walks on the first (or any) date anyway. It’s nice to take a rest here after a nice excursion along the Danube. Even more beautiful at sunset! Address: 1127 Budapest, Népsziget u. 727.



Narrow streets, cafés and confectionaries all around. If you feel like stumbling over cobblestone but find the Castle boring, then you’re in luck, romance abounds here! Easily accessible by public transport.


For the sporty and adventurous

János-hegy / Mt. János

Off we go, on foot, by bus or even chairlifts! Fresh air, far from the commotion of the city but at an accessible distance. Scenic view, chairlifts, the perfect spot for a first kiss!

Budakeszi vadaspark / Budakeszi Wildlife Centre

Easy to get there by public transport and the animals aren’t crammed into a 2x2 square metres space. The charm of nature, a unique location.



Also an easily accessible dating spot with (literally) royal panorama. For those inclined for more extreme activities, the bobsled course is a must!


For the spontaneous

Margitsziget / Margaret Island

Grab a beer, wine or water, a take-away salad or a bag of peanuts and head out to Margaret Island! Mini zoo, musical fountain, Danube, laying around in the grass, pedal cars, anything you could ask for! One location, countless possibilities! Be easy!


This was only a couple of pointers, go wild, be free! Still, if neither of you know the chosen location well, you might want to meet up first in a place you can easily find. Together even getting lost is fun, but on your own it can be extremely vexing.

So, go get it (and each other) and have a good time!


In our next dating tips article we'll give you some ideas in case the summer is over, the weather is not even nice, but there is snow and windstorm.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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