5+5+5 tattoos you need to check out

In a previous article Daniella already mentioned the “tattoos and lesbians” trope, so now we gathered some celebrity tattoos, along with a couple of less famous but no less spectacular ones, and as a bonus, a sampling of the works of art decorating the staff of qLit.


Inked and famous

Ruby Rose

Her body is a right exhibition, she went all the way up to 48 pictures. There are portraits, anime, a myriad of quotes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even a tattoo of her dog.


Kristen Stewart

Besides a lot of smaller pictures, Kirsten also has a detail of Picasso’s painting, Guernica on her arm. The interesting part of the story is that originally this was a fake tattoo she wore on the set of Clouds of Sils Maria (2014). After a ‘trial period’ of two month she decided to have it made for real.


Megan Fox

Megan’s most famous tattoo is a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear: ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’. According to her, she got the tattoo as a reminder not to get too full of herself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina also has a wide selection, but the cutest one is probably the one on her left arm: the latitudes and longitudes marking the birthplaces of her children. Plus the birthplace of Brad Pitt can also be found there.

Ellen Page

Ellen isn’t picking from a catalogue, that’s for sure. She has some home-made, scratcher tattoos made by two of her friends.

Inked on Insta


Tattoo sleeves are very much in with lesbians these days. Especially if you’re posing with them on the beach.



Sleeves look equally great while squatting.



But even greater while hugging your girlfriend on your luxury yacht.



Arm- and leg sleeves too, especially coordinated and exquisitely made.



Here I can’t decide which one is cooler: the pose or the full arm sleeve.


Inked and in qLit

Kriszti Szegő

Kriszti’s is a couple-tattoo - her partner has the same pattern on her lower arm. The compass means that wherever they go, they go together. Under that the coordinates of the location of their first date can be read which, according to them, was simply perfect. Isn’t it sweet?


Ibolya Nagy

Ibolya has a more sombre tattoo on her stomach, right above a scar. Six years ago she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, she even had to undergo surgery because of it. Her tattoo is a sort of consolation prize. It reminds her she can do things that seem impossible at first.


Anna Miholics

Next we have a kitty tattoo which, as we know, is a crucial part of being a lesbian. Anna gave herself a two year (!) trial period to see if she really wanted the picture or not. Only after that did she get the picture of the cat - who loved to hinder her so much in learning -  put permanently on her lower arm.


Vica Csermendy

The tiny tit on Vica’s arm is the result of a dream. Tits had an important role in one of her dreams and the next day she dreamed that a friend of hers was tattooing one of them on her. She had no more questions.


Zsófi Bártfai

And finally my own Simba. On one hand I’m a Leo, on the other, Simba learns that while the past can hurt, there’s nothing you can do about it: you either run from it or you learn from it. Basically this is what the tattoo reminds me of every day.


There are a lot of places on your body where your tattoo won’t necessarily be seen by mum and dad, or by the management on a business meeting, or if you don’t want to explain yourself or miss a good job opportunity because of it. The older generation keeps telling me not to get inked because it’ll look ugly when I’m eighty. Well, when I turn eighty, so will the rest of our generation, and we can all admire each other’s faded pictures on our soggy bodies.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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