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Your Outober – Call for sharing your coming out stories

Sometimes it happens in an instant. Sometimes by chance. And sometimes you prepare for it for years. There are endless possibilities of coming out stories. What was yours like? When will you do it? Was it easy? Funny? Painful? How many times? Where? Why? Why not? To whom? Write us your story!

During Outober we are going to make short comics out of the most inspiring / funniest / most instructive stories, and share some of them on qLit website and Facebook page, too.


Send us your stories

  • in the subject of coming out
  • in the length of maximum 2500 characters (without space)
  • there is no minimum length requirement!
  • in your own name or alias
  • via e-mail to
  • until midnight, 1st October 2017!

We are giving feedback to each aspirant until 11th October and will choose the ones that will be shared during Outober.

In case you have any questions, feel free to write us to!

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