Would you like to write for qLit magazine? We are waiting for you in our team!

We’ve been running our magazine for 5 years with great success, and now we need a little help to come up with exciting new articles every week. If you have some free time and would like to write for us on a voluntary basis, drop an email to and join our team (and our friend circle)!

Briefly about the task:

How many hours do you have to work?

As much time as you’d like to put in. You can write articles every two week or every two month, depending on your schedule. We are always happy to welcome new authors to the team.

What can you write about?

Anything of interest to the Hungarian LBTQ+ community. The authors always discuss the topic of each article with the editor and together we figure out how to turn a topic into “qlit”-like. If you have ideas to write about, we’d love to hear them, but if you don’t, we’ll figure it out together.

If you don’t have any ideas of your own, but you’ve found an international article that you’d like to translate, that’s great too.

How does the work look like?

After you’ve discussed the topic of the article with the editor and got some additional guidance (e.g. how long it should be, until when it should be ready, etc.), you write the article and send it to the editor for review. They send it back with suggestions, and together you finalise the material before publishing. If you have ideas for images to use in the article, you can send them to us as well. Nothing else to do, you can start thinking about the next topic 🙂

Once again: if you have some spare time and would like to write articles for us on a voluntary basis, drop us an email and join our team (and our group of friends)!


Translated by Enikő Várhelyi

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