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Whomever you love, you are my granddaughter! – Outober on qLit

Our loved ones have different reactions when we come out. But when we encounter the total opposite of what we have prepared ourselves for, that is quite strange. Such a surprise can be pleasant or less pleasant. Niki told us about her coming out in her family.

My story began on a drunk night, when several members of my family were present: my mom, who is always happy about everything, my father, who always wants to talk things out, and my beloved grandfather, who is 70 and ultimately very narrow-minded.

When you are drunk, you don’t really care about what you tell whom. The same happened to me, I was crying to my family about a girl. I had been playing with these ideas for a while, but I always ignored them as they were “not normal”. My dad left me there, we haven’t talked about it ever since, although, I have taken my girlfriend to our home. My mom accepts it, but she is not happy about it, and she is hoping that one day I will bring home a guy. While my precious only grandfather told me the following:

Whomever you love, you are my granddaughter! - Since then whenever the topic comes up he says at least he doesn't have to be out on the pull alone.

So you don’t always get the reactions you have anticipated, but dare to tell, because it is worth it. You have to accept yourself, and part of this is expressing and being ok with who you are.

Have a nice Outober! Be brave!



Translated by Blanka Barabás

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