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I don’t recall the exact date, but once I had a truly bizarre chat with a friend. Presumably if anyone overheard us they would have taken a moment to ponder if society was ready to burn yet. It’s worth noting that I have some hangups regarding most social platforms and apps, I’m bombarded with enough information anyway. Our argument was about the - then relatively new - app, Instagram. ‘How come I don’t have a profile, she can’t follow me’ etc. Of course I reacted to the accusation with some indignation and swore on my grandma’s favourite frilly slippers that I would never register, not even if hell froze over.

Well, hell did not freeze over, but my grandma wasn’t overjoyed by the sudden disappearance of her slippers. I wouldn’t say I visit the realms of the aforementioned app every day but as  - with some strong exaggeration - a young, enlightened ‘Grammer’ I run into some creative users.

I’ll show you some for the days you want some inspiration, ideas, new styles or humour, or you just want to sit for a while at last and relax by distributing some hearts.



Would you like a recipe-book where you can find the style that’s just right for you? Gives you ideas what to wear for the first date, for work or simply floods you with tips? Well, I can’t give you a book, but @lesbian_sylezz follows the same concept. All those people with their unique styles and personalities. You can pick and choose from the site as you like, because there’s may of us and we’re all different.



For the times when it’s rainy and cold outside, and you’re feeling blue and like there are so few of us, lesbians in the world.


@katbarrel and @dominiquep_c

If after watching the Wynonna Earp series you miss the characters Waverly and Nicole a little bit, make sure to follow them here. They regularly shared insider info and videos about the show. Also, Kat Barrel’s doggie is just the cutest creature in the world.



I don’t suppose I have to introduce Ellen DeGeneres to anyone, the famous actress, comedian and the presenter of the show bearing her name (The Ellen Degeneres Show) can indeed be found on Instagram. Her unique humour and informal style comes across in the content she shares. If you want some fun, it’s worth a try!



The lovers of the more boyish, sporty style can begin to rub their hands in joy! Here comes the world of suit-jackets, cool tartans and flannels, bow-ties, hats and caps.


@rubyrose, @lauraprepon and @ellenpage

Yes, our favourite lesbian actresses and actresses playing lesbian characters are also present in the world of selfies and videos. I don’t have to present Ruby Rose, she’s done that herself both as a model and as an actress. Any time I come across her daily Story or a picture she shares I’m involuntarily reminded of that single sentence she told her mother: ‘I think you should know that if I ever get a boyfriend, it’ll be a girl.’ Laura Prepon became known as Alex Vause from the show OITNB. She’s also up on Instagram along with Ellen Page and countless other actors. Nowadays we can find any of the actors playing our favourite characters here.



I never envied professional photographers, for me taking even one decent picture of someone is a challenge. I either cut off their legs, or even worse, their head, and let’s not even mention the background. Looking at lesbian wedding photos I keep asking myself: how can they catch the moment were the picture is devoid of all pigeons, flies or other insects, both parties’ legs are where they should be and even the creases of their gorgeous dresses look like they came from a catalogue. Well, the answer lies with the the photographers alone, but the page is worth checking out just for the shining eyes.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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