Who is the best L Word character? Here’s the list!

After a 10 year break, the premier of the new season of the L Word is getting closer (Wahoo!) and so is the L Word Special Edition qLit Pub Quiz (Wahoo!)! But we’re not stopping yet. Here’s my completely subjective ranking of the 16 women from the L Word who have been in at least 15 episodes of the first 6 seasons.


16. Jenny

From the first moment, she irritated me. Sometimes because she’s suffering from something (I’m not thinking of depression), sometime because she lies and uses people, sometimes because she’s hysterical (here I’m not thinking of depression either), and sometimes because she’s just simply IRRITATING! Until the fall of 2016, I thought this was the only truth, but then I found out who her favorite is…



15. Niki

I don’t have any strong feelings toward her, but the ones I do have were enough for me to put her on the second to last spot on the list. Perhaps it added to this that she is a stereotypical ambitious and simple character with questionable moral values. She didn’t leave a deep impression. She came and went, but it was a little annoying when she was there.



14. Marina

This seductive, mysterious type never really caught my eye. In addition, the poor thing didn’t have time for her character to build up properly. After the first season she disappeared, but a polyamorous relationship could have been an interesting thread in the series. Unfortunately, because of this there wasn’t time for me to get to love her.




13. Bette

I know this will cause outrage in many, but I can’t stand Bette. I’m not attracted to her, and I can’t stand her personality either. Everything always has to be how she wants it and true compromise is impossible with her, not to mention, she’s just arrogant.  Thanks, but no thanks.



12. Kit

I love her openness, how she’s part of a group of, and the way she stands with her friends, family, and the LGBTQ+ community in every situation without compromise. But, this is a lesbian* magazine. She didn’t have a chance with me, sorry.



11. Jodi

What I always liked in Jodi’s character is that her deafness was never a problem, or practically even a topic and that she always handled it very casually. This didn’t stop her in anything. Since then I find Jodi’s life and the actress playing her part’s life really inspiring. In reality, Marlee Matlin is actually deaf.  When she was 21 years old she won the Oscar for best Actress in a Leading Role (Whaaaaat!) and is now raising four children with her husband. So, you understand why I started looking for where I could study sign language.



10. Tasha

I had a problem with Tasha. I like her character, I like when she hangs out with Papi, and I like their friendship. I don’t, however, like her so much when she’s together with Alice. I don’t like either of them as much then, because they don’t bring the best out of each other.



9. Carmen

Similar to Bette, she’s also a dream woman in many people’s eyes—for me the 9th place on the list was enough (I’m not blind, of course, and I can see that she’s sexy and I understand why Jenny and Shane got tangled up with her). I like how patient she was in getting closer to Shane, her kindness, and she stole my heart with the family scenes as well.



8. Dana

Even if Dana only starred in 3 seasons, she was a definitive character in the series. She went through so much in so little time, we saw her in so many situations, and we got to know so many sides of her. Many times she was funny, many times she was sad, and many times she was determined. During those three seasons, many of us fell in love with her.



7. Lara

Red hair is my weakness, there’s nothing to deny. But I like Lara anyway because her courage and how she picked up Dana and I felt her pain when Dana wasn’t ready for a relationship. I also adore the scene where she and Alice comfort each other in the bedroom while mourning Dana.



6. Joyce

I’m not sure how fair it is that Joyce made it so high up on the list, but I like the actress and the character she plays in the L Word. She’s a funny, strong, and assertive woman who is also open to love—this is true for Joyce Wischnia and Jane Lynch too. Moreover, she’s one of the few actresses who were openly lesbian at that time.



5. Tina

I’ve already listened to a lot of Tina-hating. Throughout the Tibette relationship, I liked her more. She developed more and she was more open and courageous in my eyes. Go Tina!



4. Phyllis

If she had been in the series more, she would have taken the podium for me. In and of itself, it stole my heart the way she began to get to know herself and start a new life with two grown children and a husband—this shows great courage. I like stories like this in real life too. Phyllis’s character dealt with this life situation with astounding humor/a great sense of humor.



3. Helena

Helena’s character goes through possible the biggest evolution during the series, and, even if I didn’t always feel this evolution was consistent, I really liked this. Born into wealth, at the beginning of the series she was characterized by unrestrained and unreasonable spending, but after her mother took away her financial support, she managed to recover with little to no difficulty. Meanwhile, she transformed from a woman who easily manipulates and exploits people to a loyal and supportive friend. Gambling, sexual harassment charges, prison, hiding on an island—everything was in her story.



2. Shane

Shane is possibly the most iconic L Word character. There was a time when at lesbian parties half the girls looked like her and probably tried to be like her too. The other half wanted to go out with her. She’s an easy going, androgynous girl who couldn’t keep the girls away.

She never appealed to me in this way, but I really like how loyal and honest a friend she is. Despite her problems, if I had to put my life in someone’s hands, it would be her.



1. Alice

I guess I’ve never met anyone besides me whose favorite character is Alice (She’s Reni’s favorite too! The editor).  Even with all her problems—because they are many—for me she’s the most attractive and the one I wanted most to be like. She’s an easy going, funny, party-girl who doesn’t box herself in. She’s open to anything sexual and, generally, she doesn’t take life too seriously. Throughout the series, she’s the one who stands by her principles (which are usually completely valid) the most. Fortunately she’ll be starring in the 7th season too—I can’t wait!



Translated by Amy Soto

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