What to watch on rainy autumn days

This year’s late summer and fall have been all about highly anticipated series and the three below have put me on edge for a long time. The series couldn’t be more different from each other, neither in terms of topic nor genre, but I hope everyone can find something to distract them from the unheated apartment.

A League of Their Own

For months before the release, my Twitter feed was buzzing that Abbi Jacobson (best known for Broad City) was doing a series with Amazon Prime based on the 1992 film of the same name. Everyone was hoping it would be very LGBTQ+ friendly and enjoyable. It was hard to judge based on the teasers but the result was much better and much more lesbian than anyone had expected, I think.  The story shows the formation of the women’s baseball league during World War II and how it replaces the men’s baseball league due to male athletes fighting at the front.

Irma Vep

I started watching this show for one reason only and that is Alicia Vikander; there is something fascinating about the actress, but maybe it’s just her Europeanness that intrigues me. The show has been produced in an American-French co-production, directed by Olivier Assayas, whose original idea was a 1996 film of the same name. The story is about Mira Harberg (Alicia Vikander), who as an American actress gets the lead role in a French adaptation of Les Vampires. For all this, she travels to Paris, where we get to know her life, the director, and some of the crew members during filming. The entire series is very slow and multi-layered, as new layers to the reality that we have known so far are constantly added. The characters are sometimes exaggerated, sometimes lack depth, but the story overall works. If you want a little unique, European color in the streaming market dominated by America, you will do well with this series on HBOMax.

SheHulk: Attorney at Law

Ever since Disney+ came to Hungary and I found out that Tatiana Maslany would play the role of SheHulk, I was waiting to see what Marvel would do with this character. With five episodes out so far, the series presents itself as a sitcom where the fourth wall is sometimes broken. The character Jennifer Walters/SheHulk is an emerging lawyer who comes into contact with the blood of her cousin, the Hulk, in an accident. Then the complications begin and Marvel, with a poor imitation of feminism, shows us how exactly a SheHulk could get by in the world of lawyers. I don’t know what the series is about yet, but if you’re a huge Marvel fan, the show should be definitely on your list. It’s worth watching and supporting Jameela Jamilt,too; I sincerely hope this role would be beneficial to her.


Translated by Emese Balog

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