Unsolicited Project – a Youtube channel by lesbians for lesbians

A Youtube channel for lesbians*, by lesbians? Yes, that’s what the Unsolicited Project is. Some gals from Los Angeles and Toronto banded together to create fresh, exciting content. They upload a new video every week, you’ll find anything from funny sketches to romantic shorts. Here are some of my personal favourites, to give you a starting point.

Their funny vids are the best, because they are all about topics you’ve either been through yourself, or that have crossed your mind. For example, ‘Six Lesbians You’ll Date Before You Die’ is an important one, it contains the straight girl you’ll fall for against your will and who will break your heart. Better be prepared! (But if you’re going through this situation right now, you can find some advice here.)

The straight girl – and you


Lesbian Sex – Expectations vs reality’ is also a much needed reminder not to have overexaggerated expectations either for yourself or your partner, even lesbian sex isn’t always a candle-lit tsunami of orgasms.

... reality


Gay Women Will Marry You Boyfriends’ tells you why all straight women should support lesbians: because if they don’t, the lesbians will go watch a game with their boyfriends, while watching women and drinking beer together.

The lesbians will go play foosball with your boyfriend


If you liked Queer Eye on Netflix, you may have wondered how the show would go with gay women. Well, the ladies of Unsolicited Project made that a reality, even if only for one short episode. I think there’d be a market for it though, the girl ended up being much cooler after the lesbian Queer Eye team got done with her (and she could even open the pickle jar on her own!).

... after!


Once you got into the girls’ sense of humour, you can move on to their playlists, all centred around a specific topic. For one, they have a list dedicated to reviewing The L Word (or if you’d rather read about the series, we have an article for you).

Or if you had enough of the jokes, their shorts are tender and romantic, best watched on a rainy day with a mug of hot chocolate, sighing and daydreaming. If your English is not that strong, I recommend ‘Our First Time’, because it has no dialogue, only music, and the story is told through beautiful cinematography.

Which video did you like best?


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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