Tom Ford – The story of a successful gay man

Tom Ford is one of today’s most successful fashion designers, his customers are world-travellers, cultured, rich people, confident women, who are intelligent and know their own style. His life was not this easy in the very beginning though: he was different from his mates, he wasn’t good at manly sports and wasn’t interested in guns either, which were quite popular in his state, Texas. He was able to be himself and become successful by hard work, and it can inspire all of us.

Ford was born on 27th August, 1961 in Austin, Texas. He spent his childhood here with his parents. He was already interested in fashion as a young boy, he could decide what looks nice, he designed his own home, he chose the perfect furniture as well. He analised his mother’s looks, giving advice to her. Later he moved out of the house and started his studies at art school. For a while he was acting, too, but it was just a short period of his life. Later on he learnt architecture, but it did not work out either.

He realised he was gay at a young age, when he was 10. He marked out from other youngsters with his clothes and some people couldn’t deal with it.

He wasn’t good at soccer or any other group sports, he couldn’t handle guns, which was basic in Texas state. Indeed, he was bullied because of all these.

His parents were amazing, always supporting their son, their desire was Tom to be happy and they didn’t hurt him because of his sexuality.

His partner is Richard Buckley, journalist, they met at a fashion show back in 1986. They are together for almost 30 years. They got married in 2014. They raise a child together, his name is Alexander John Buckley Ford.



For Tom Ford, being loyal is the most inportant thing in life. That is why Richard and Tom are together for that long period of time. He said in an interview: it was love at first sight, one look was enough, and he know that this is forever. People have to respect one another, if the person we belong to is good hearted, a pure soul, we should not leave them, because we will never find a better one. Sometimes relationships go through difficult times, it can be an argument or anything, we must work on it and find a solution, even if those are really hard times that burden on us phisically and mentally.

In his early years he worked for such big brands as Gucci and YSL, later he built his own brand, TOM FORD in 2004.



Besides fashion designing, he directed 2 films, The Single Man (2009) and Nocturnal Animals (2016).

The Single Man is an adoption from a book that Ford read when he was young, so that is how he got the idea. There is a gay professor in the center of the film, who loses his love. The film is based on human relations and how they define our lives. George (Colin Firth) searches the meaning of life sadly after losing his boyfriend. The question is: will he find it?

The Nuctural Animals is about loyalty, finding people in life we love and keep them. The film shows us what happens if we throw people away. Today we get rid of people so easily, we do not work on our relationships.

It is worth watching both films, their topic can make everyone think.

The life and work of Tom Ford – though now we can only see success and famen- was not easy to achieve. He was giving himself from the very beginning, and he was working hard to get what he has today. I recommend all of us to get inspired by the incredible story of this man.

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