The pictures of the XX generations exhibition on qLit

The XX generation exhibition of Berta Garadnay’s photos taken for the 2019 LIFT Festival brought together members of the younger and older lesbian * generations and their thoughts on each other in a couple of pictures by Labrisz. Now we also present a selection of images and thoughts on qLit, and at the bottom of the article you will find a gallery of other images. Come on! (* lesbian, bisexual and transgender)

I’m happy to have gotten to know an older lesbian generation because I’ve learned a lot from them about activism.(Panka 24)

Örülök, hogy vagytok, fontos, hogy kapcsolódunk. Kapcsolódjatok majd tovább ti is!I’m happy that you exist, it’s important that we connect. And you connect further too! (Mari 46)


I’m grateful for the possibilities that were created for me. (Zsófi 33)

On one hand I worry for the next generation on the other I don’t. I worry because women’s rights are being abolished everywhere, which is why it’s more difficult for them than it was for us when we started. But I don’t worry, because they are full of energy, will to act and ideas, so they can do it! (Antonia 71)


The older generation is the creator of our present (Viki 19)

You can be anyone! Just be someone!(Linda 42)


There will always be someone who looks at me as the younger generation and I will be the older one for another. How well we understand each other will not depend on how old we are, but how well we are able to absorb and respectfully agree or disagree with different opinions. This is what we need to grow up for. (Reni 26)

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” (H. Jackson Brown Jr.) Get on the dancefloor!(Timi 40)


Instead of bubbles and gaps we need group photos and mutual spaces. (Margit 29)

New songs of new times into the movement! (Anna 46)


I’m grateful to the generation before us, whose members didn’t only start to pave their path but ours too. (Manyi 24)

Of course I can’t speak for a whole generation, but I really hope that they can come out of their shells faster than our generation. They can be themselves sooner because the world they grew up in was perhaps a bit more free. (Klára 61)


It’s a great feeling that regardless of our age, what binds us together is the liberating experience of living a different life from what is expected of women by the society. (Gréta 28)

No matter how old I was, I never wanted to comply with tight societal norms.(Dóri 46)


I know you are the courage, the source and the direction. (Évi 35)

I believe that you are the vivacity, innovation and value preservation. (Györgyi 62)


It’s great that with qLit we get to do what Szilvi and the others started with Csajka back in the day: organizing table tennis and speed dating events. It’s great to see that we’re working towards the same goals and we think alike. (Dorka 29)

I’m very happy about the success of Dorka and the others. It’s great to see that there is a need for good old-fashioned in-person community building, which has been elevated to the next level by qLit. I really like young activists! (Szilvi 42)


Even though we differ in age, our paths definitely cross once.(Dóri 32)

Today we can experience our identity in a more liberal way without any restrictions. But I wonder whether we have the patience to wait for the right moment. (Vanda 48)

 Let’s bring out of each other the things we can only achieve together. (Andi 28)

Go Hungary, go young lesbians! (Judit 70)

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