The L Word: Generation Q—6th Episode Recap

In the previous weeks, Alice, Nat, and Gigi became a throuple, Finley hurt Rebecca and then slept with Tess while drunk, Dani and Sophie have a hard time discussing their problems, Quiara got together with Shane, and Betty’s campaign was put in jeopardy. 

As usual, we star out in the morning. Reporters are crowding in front of Bette’s house and Alice and Shane have a hard time getting to the front door.

Alice’s outfit is sickening.

The atmosphere inside isn’t much better. Bette is beside herself, but the situation gets really bad when it turns out that Shane found out that Felicity wasn’t a thing of the past. Pierce and Dani try to calm things down by making tons of calls. The icing on the cake is that Angie has her driving test. According to plans, Bette is supposed to go with her, but she isn’t able to, so Shane offers to take her.

Bette works herself up so much that she decides to stand in front of the reporters and step down from the mayoral campaign. But when she opens the door, she finds herself face to face with Tina. What?!?!?!?!

Seriously, now I have to fix this too?!

Yes, according to IMDb Lauren Holloman will appear in two episodes this season. We don’t know about the second season, but we do know there will be a second season.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, let’s turn back to the bar where Tess and Finley are looking forward to an awkward morning, which peaks when Shane shows up. She immediately understands the situation and tells Tess that she could throw her out for this and that she thought she was sober.


After Tess’s answer, it’s clear that Shane is ashamed of herself and doesn’t kick her out because she knows that she put Tess in a situation like this. The situation is really complicated, as Tess was sober, but clearly it went so deep because of the whole breakup with Lena. If Shane had kicked her out, I think she would have accepted it and it would sink in. However, this way, there were no consequences that she’s drinking again after two years. Because it’s never a one time thing for an addict. Finley isn’t really involved in the situation. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, decide for yourself. I thought for a second that Tess realized her mistake, and everything would be okay, but at the end of the episode I realized I was naive.

We get back to Tess and Tina, who are talking. About everything. About motherhood, about Angie, about what exactly happened after the play. Tina tries to reassure Bette, but after the details come out, Tina has to answer a seemingly important work call. I think I have to feel sorry for Bette, but meanwhile it’s about her ex-wife trying to comfort her, and they’re no longer together, they just have a child together.  

We turn back to Finley and Sophie who, during their morning sandwich making, are talking about how much they dig each other. No homo.

Then we go back to Bette’s house where Pierce puts together the picture that Dani actually knew about the relationship. It turns out that Pierce is a transman. Then after this he tells Dani that was it for the campaign for him and even reveals to Dani that he also fell for Bette. And here I started to go nuts, not knowing why all this was necessary. But ok, let’s wait until the end. 

Quiara and Shane are waiting anxiously for Angie, but meanwhile they have time for a picture with a fan. I thought the writers already forgot that Quiara is a famous singer, but now I’m reassured. Angie passed the test, and Shane gives her the car keys so they can go where she wants. 

Alice changes her breakfast partners to Nate and Gigi and she throws a tantrum that she has been left out of everything. Okay, I get why it hurts her what Bette did, I’d probably act the same. The waitress catches a comforting moment and afterward comments about what good friends Alice has. Gigi then says that they’re not friends. Another problem will come of this. 

Heart-eyed emoji

Once again to the Porter residence where Tina is still trying to be supportive, but it’s visible that it’s getting harder for her, because at the end of the conversation they get back to where they began when they broke up. Clearly they love each other and care about each other, but the wounds are so deep that I don’t think they can ever be happy together again.

During this, Sophie and Finley are at a pool party (I don’t understand the days in this series, seriously). Finley isn’t doing well. She’s depressed thinking that something may be wrong with her and this is why her relationships don’t succeed. Sophie reassures her that this is not the case, and what could be a better solution than a good party.  

Meanwhile, Angie takes Shane and Quiara to Jordi’s house. Angie confesses that she likes Jordi, and may even love her, but asks the question “How do you know if you’re in love?”. Of course Shane and Quiara’s story is the most romantic in the world. At least, according to them. In my opinion, there was a better version of this question-answer scene in Castle, here’s the link. Finally Angie works up the courage, gets out of the car, knocks on the door, and surprisingly summed up tells Jordi what she feels. Who reciprocates her emotions! This dialogue wasn’t that well written, because it’s only at the kissing scene that I realized Jordi was in love with Angie. 

Cute and all, but they could have told the actors this was an emotional scene!

After this comes the worse move. Shane changes her mind and goes into parenting. Why is this necessary? Why can’t we leave someone who doesn’t want to have any children alone, without any trauma, and simply accept that they don’t want children? Once she got divorced for this reason, what changed? Nothing. Nothing at all, just that the series writers want to make us believe that if someone doesn’t want children, if you push hard enough and without consent you get pregnant, then everything will magically change. No. This is not a good message at all. 

After the end of this scene, we move back to OT3 who are arguing in the car about what Gigi’s “We’re not friends” meant exactly. Nat is upset because she wanted to tell the kids first. Gigi doesn’t understand why there was a problem with what she said and doesn’t want to take it back. Surprisingly Alice handled the situation like an adult. But the conversation didn’t get anywhere and the series cuts the scene back to the bar.  

I love it! What are these sunglasses? Marvelous!

Finley and Sophie are drinking shots, while Tess calls to talk with Finley. She tells her that it was just a one-time thing and everything is okay. Then she takes a drink. Then Shane runs in and takes Finley out of the apartment because Quiara is moving in. After this, Sophie and Finley start to dance to Tegan and Sara’s song “Closer”, which is telltale. During the whole dance scene I thought “Why?”. Maybe I just didn’t get the dynamic, but this thread is by no means tied together. And the bike scene doesn’t help either. 

Then again we’re at Bette’s. Angie tells Tina about the day’s events and Tina recounts how things fell apart with Bette. 

OT3 arrives home, and Nat gets rid of Gigi. Arriving in the bedroom, Alice and Nat find themselves confronted with the children’s drawings and letters, which tells them the situation is ok. Finally, this convinces Nat, and they call up Gigi to come back. Bonus, everyone looks like a penis in the drawings.  

Does this need a comment? I don’t think so.

The episode closes again with Bette’s revealing and marvelous speech, in which she tells the big secret, which we’ve been waiting anxiously 6 episodes to hear, that she wants to be mayor because of Kit. She feels that the system didn’t help Kit after the car accident. They prescribed her opioids, which we know isn’t good for an addict, without asking about any prior history. It seems to convince everyone, though I’m not sure of what, but in any case it’s epic. 

The series could even talk about that. But no.

I would like to point out that this is a completely valid reason, like any other. I also don’t argue that this was traumatic. My problem is how will this solve it?  Will the guy not press charges? I don’t think so. In this whole episode, I didn’t understand the characters’ motives, only the OT3 story was consistent. Maybe the next episode explains more, or goes more into why, but I just haven’t felt that now, so the episode is less enjoyable.

Translated by Amy Soto

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