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The end of the year for me in terms of series was all about Hailee Steinfeld. First of all, the third and last season of Dickinson came out. I already wrote about that series last spring, but since then it’s only gotten better. It’s really worth binge watching. Besides this, Arcane came out on Netflix and Disney+ debuted Hawkeye, in both of which Steinfeld is one of the main characters.

I started to be a fan of Steinfeld because of Pitch Perfect. She was in the second and third movies. Since then I watch basically everything she’s in. But to keep the recommendations from being one-sided, I’m also including I Know What You Did Last Summer, the teenage horror series, so maybe everyone can find something to their liking in this cold weather.


This animated series is based on the popular League of Legends game. Even though I’ve never played the game, the series was a good experience. The story has several different threads with characters living in the utopian Piltover and the slum below, Zaun, when the emergence of Hextech has unpredictable consequences. The main characters Violet “Vi”, Powder/Jinx, Jayce, Silco, Caitlzn, Viktor, and Ekko are connected in several different storylines which collide. The whole thing is a well-woven first season, 9 episodes divided into three parts. The animation is magnificent and looks really beautiful and the story is well put together. It really convinced me, and there will be a second season!


This series definitely ended up here much more because of Hailee Steinfeld than because of the LGBTQ+ aspect. But the other name that attracted me was Florence Pugh and, of course, I trust completely that the two characters will end up together. The story is about the meeting of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), or about the legacy of Hawkeye. It’s funny and there’s some action in it. Basically, it’s not the best Disney+ series, but it’s okay.

I know what you did last summer

This is a re-thinking of the 1997 horror film as a series. The main plot starts out the same. A group of teenagers hit a person after a long night of partying and, instead of calling the police, they hide the body. The twist starts here when the person who was hit turns out to be the twin of one of the teenagers. What comes next won’t be too more complicated. The LGBTQ+ representation is high. At the end, the actual identity of the killer is a shocker. I recommend this for those who like reboots and want a little nostalgia. For those who want a good killer detective story, look elsewhere.


Translated by Amy Soto

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