Series from the British Isles – recommendations for Spring

I don’t have AppleTV or BBC iPlayer, but I did manage to download three series from another source – all being the jewels of British television. After the incredible amount of US content, it’s refreshing to get closer to the European ones and watch something that’s easier to identify with.

Also, these three series are among the best I’ve seen in recent times.

Bad sisters

A very strong start, probably the best series I saw last year. Too bad AppleTV didn’t hype it more. The story is set in a small Irish town, with five brothers and a dead brother-in-law at the centre of the plot. If you like the murder mystery genre, look no further. And more than that, in this series the female characters are incredibly nuanced, the story is not predictable at all. The series pulls you in, never letting your attention wander for a moment, whilst you constantly speculate what the ending might be. On top of that, one of the sisters carries the LGBTQ+ thread. If you’re a crime fan obv watch it. If you’re not you’ll still enjoy it, as the story itself is well put together, plus there’s only a season of it, sure worth a try.

In my skin

We are given an insight into the life of a British LGBTQ+ teenager. We are taken to dramatic depths regarding her family and her life as a whole. What is the way out of the deepest pit of human depravity and how to live it as a teenager, while parallel searching for who you are. It’s not a happy story, but it’s easy to identify with the main character, and rooting for her carries you through the two seasons. Bethan’s black humour makes it easy to take in, and the acting is terribly convincing as well. The series has survived for two seasons, it draws you deep, but it’s definitely worth fighting through the episodes.


Imagine finding out at the age of thirtyX that a distant relative has left you an English castle. The inheritance is ruined, huge and haunted. Some ghosts are stuck there from the Stone Ages, some are victims of witch-burnings, and also a politician who died due to his sex scandal is part of the package. Alison (the same actor who plays Mae Martin’s girlfriend in Netflix’s Feel Good) and Mike spend their days cleaning up the castle and battling ghosts, but as we progress through the story, more and more is revealed about the past, the characters, and the relationship changes. The thirty-minute episodes bring sincere cheerfulness to my Sunday afternoons, each being charmingly entertaining. I can’t comment on the US remake, everything I’ve described applies to the original UK version from 2019. Five seasons of the series is being made, four of which are already available to watch and download.


Translated by Zsuzsa

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