July 2—Obstacle Course Challenge and Outdoor Pub Quiz

On Saturday July 2nd we invite you to our usual open-air qLit day during Pride! An obstacle course challenge, picnic, pub quiz, heat, beer, wine, lemonade, and good vibes await you. It’s important to note that you must register to participate in the program. The exact location of the program will only be sent to those who register before the event.


10:00-12:00 qLit obstacle course challenge – may the best win!

The fourth edition of your favorite summer qLit program is coming up!

What should you prepare for?

An outdoor style obstacle course competition reminiscent of your school days but with qLit! We invite teams of 4-6 people for an outdoor, multi-station obstacle course with both intellectual and physical challenges. Various skill or logic tasks must be solved at each station. It’s no problem if you come alone or with just 1-2 friends, we’ll find you a team!

How can I participate?

You must register to participate in the event, only one person per team needs to register:
Registration fee: 500 Ft/person

After the obstacle course challenge starts our few hour picnic, and, at 15:00, the qLit pub quiz begins at the same location!


15:00-17:30 qLit outdoor pub quiz

Our pub quiz will take place once more on July 2nd. True to tradition, we’ll be holding it outdoors.

What should you prepare for?

Get together your team of 2-6 people. But it’s not a problem if you come alone either. Many times, the best teams are often formed on the spot, so unite!

We’ll read out the questions and each team must answer in writing on the answer sheet handed out by us. There are two rounds with 30 questions in total. After the first 15 questions, we’ll check the answers and then announce the results and the correct answers. After that, we’ll do another 15 questions and answers and then announce the final results.

How can I participate?

You must register to participate in the event, without registering you will not receive the exact location.

Here is the registration link:
(If you already know that you’re coming with a team, then just one person from the team should register!)
Registration fee: 500 Ft/person.

If you have any questions, write us an email at!


The rules of Budapest Pride apply to all of our events.


Translated by Amy Soto


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