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Outober on qLit – Because coming out is more than a day

There isn’t a whole month left until 11th October. We celebrate International Coming Out Day since 1988. That day, or to be more specific: Coming Out is a priority topic for qLit, so we decided to change our October to Outober.

We are preparing with the following themes among others:

  • One of the founder of qLit, Anna’s personal confession and her interview with her girlfriend, whose coming out was completely different than Anna’s
  • Significant celebrity coming outs from the world
  • “Come out to your mum like this, if she's raised you to be a princess”
  • Dorka’s experiences regarding coming out at the workplace
  • Interview with Anna Follinus, poet
  • Our favorite coming out scenes from films and series

Tomorrow (on 15th September) we are going to announce “Your Outober” contest, where we would like to receive your coming out stories! Follow our page for the details!

If you have have a great idea or you would like to help us, drop a line to!


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