Budapest Pride

Budapest Pride is an LGBTQ organisation working as an activist group with feminist and anti-racist approach since 2001. The focus of its activity is activism for social and political change, fight against different forms of discrimination - especially homophobia, transfobia, sexism and racism. Its primary goal is building the Hungarian LGBTQ community and helping its visibility. Additional goals are organising, stregthening and supporting cultural activities, raising public awareness of legal inequality our community is facing and also of the unsolved social problems.

Among other programs Budapest Pride is the organiser of the one-week-long Budapest Pride Festival and Budapest Pride March as part of it.



Lesbian organisation founded in 1999. Its most important activity is orginising programs for the community (different social events), strengthening the visibility of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women (festivals, publications, books, archive) and establishing dialogue with the public through publications, lobby activity and the school program of the organisation. Programs organised regulary by Labrisz: Gobbi Hilda film club, Pikk Dáma game night, Labrisz nights, LIFT festival, LGBT History month (together with Háttér). You can find out more about the programs here:


Háttér Society

Háttér Society is one of the largest LGBTQI organisations in Hungary. Founded in 1995, its aims are to protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBTQI) people and to reduce the fear and ignorance about homosexuality through better integration of LGBTQI people into society at large.

Háttér works towards these aims by calling attention to the problems faced by LGBTQI people; lobbying against discriminative laws and promoting legislation protecting LGBTQI people; providing support services; encouraging the self-organization of LGBTQI communities; and preserving and spreading LGBTQI heritage and culture.

The program of the organisation stands on 4 pillars:

  • Their anonymous hotline answers calls every day (including weekends and holidays) from 18 to 23 PM, especially in topics related to LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and intersexual) issues.
  • Háttér Legal Aid Service offers legal help for free for the legal problems of LGBTQI people.
  • As part of the HIV/AIDS prevention program: non-stop HIV-hotline, informative publications, operation of condom automats and taking part in research.
  • Collecting and organising books, articles and movies that are connected to gayness, their data and PR material or object memories (Háttér Archívum).

In addition, the organisation does research, holds trainings and takes part in different social happenings for example Budapest Pride and organising LGBT history month. 



Hungary's biggest LGBT sport club founded in 2004. Activities of the club include organising regular trainings and competitions in different sports for the members of the LGBT community (and everybody else who is interested in participating).


Other organisations



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