Netflix Film Recommendations for the Summer Heat Wave

For this article, let’s put aside series because there are two films on Netflix you have to watch. I only realized one of them is a trilogy when I searched for some materials for this recommendation list. So, I can’t really seem to break away from the style series after all. I couldn’t leave out the first film because of the main character and the second one because teen horror is the only horror genre I can watch and enjoy.

Good on Paper

The film’s main character is played by Iliza Shlesinger, whose name only rings a bell if you’re familiar with Netflix stand-up. I became a fan from watching her stand-up. I like her so much that since she’s coming to Budapest this year, I even bought a ticket to the show. Then Ryan Hansen, of Veronica Mars, is just the icing on the cake. The whole film is based on a true story. Iliza had a relationship in which her ex basically lied to her the whole time about who he really was. Kimmy Gatewood brings this story to film.

The film’s story isn’t too complicated. There’s Andrea, who is a rather successful stand-up comedian, and she meets Dennis on a plane. They become friends and later they start dating. As the story goes on, more and more interesting moments emerge from Dennis’s life, and it becomes more apparent she hasn’t met Prince Charming. Next to them there are supporting characters, for example, Margot who can pick up any girl in any situation.

The film has a good narrative arc. I think it’s very funny and it brings the same kind of humor that I really like about Iliza’s stand-up. It has feminist scenes and they’re well done. Of course, the typical clichés aren’t left out, but all in all it’s just an enjoyable, fun summer adventure which will leave a good memory.

Fear Street Part One: 1994

Bad teen horror isn’t its own film category, but since I don’t watch a lot of horror, I’m not sure how to classify it. So, we’ll stick with this. The story, studded with clichés, starts in Shadyside where a serial killer appears from time to time, slaughters a lot of people, and then disappears, gets caught, or gets killed. 1994 isn’t any different; the killer gets shot then. The story begins after this. We start with the rivalry between Shadyside and the neighboring city Sunnyvale, where else than at a football game between high schools. We get to know Deena, her friends, and her ex, and then the car accident which serves as a catalyst happens. From here the cast has already been introduced and everything takes off with the addition of witchy and supernatural things. Why not make a trilogy out of it? This fits perfectly with Netflix’s “new movie every week” marketing.

The film is exactly what we expect, with teenage love, bloody scenes, a little investigation, and the cult music and stuff of the 90s. I really like this genre. It’s refreshing and I’m not scared to death, so I can really enjoy it. I would recommend it even to people who don’t really like horror.


Translated by Amy Soto

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