Mörk standing up for acceptance in newest video clip

With the song called “If Our Love” Mörk celebrates all forms of love. The related video clip draws attention to how much beauty lies in the fact that we are all different, with the help of two extraterrestrial girls visiting Earth.

“All human relationships are based on patience, honesty and the energy we invest in them - love and understanding are the things that unite us. There are lows in the life of communities when you have to stop for a moment, make a little space in your head and heart because that’s the only way to develop understanding. However, any intent to break up communities and divide them into as small units as possible is harmful, malicious, and needs to be corrected.”

“If Our Love” therefore revolves around how people could get a little closer to each other and it shows a contrast when that doesn’t happen - when we are individually and collectively at a dead end and loneliness overwhelms us. While it wasn’t the main inspiration at the time the song was written, clearly the video clip has already responded to the current public mood.

According to the story, two extraterrestrial beings visit Earth as part of a full-day trip. During this time, they have four programs through which they can experience human existence: they encounter nature, get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city, try rollerblading and eat food. They are doing all this as they would do on their own planet.

“The two of them are expressing their love for each other on the open street in a way that would be absolutely mundane in their home country, with which they completely upset a pensioner lady.”

The video was directed by Szonja ef Zámbó, with cameraman Gábor Bátori ‘sinco’. The band’s now-released clip all in all draws attention to the power of the community while rejecting social exclusion in a particular way. Besides supporting an important cause, the band admits that writing the song has been a form of therapy to the Mörk family, too.

Translated by Emese Balog

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