Monsters Are On the Loose – A Protest Against Pedophilia and the Government

After the government banned books, popular content, and education addressing sexuality other than heterosexuality in the name of “child protection”, conflating homosexuality with pedophilia, the government-appointed president gave clemency to an accomplice in a pedophilia case

For several days after the news was leaked, the government-owned media (which is basically almost all of the media in Hungary currently) was completely silent about the case, and so was the government. Then, due to internal and external pressure, both the president and the then-Minister of Justice, ironically the only female members of Orban’s cabinet, were forced to resign. Finally, some signs of cracks in Viktor Orban’s 10+ years of rule? Yes, but we want to see more!

In this spirit, on Friday a large-scale protest was organized by nine well-known Hungarian content creators, for the “support of victims, children, and a healthy society”, with a motto that warns us that monsters are on the loose (and using the orange color for the flyer which is widely associated with the governing party, Fidesz). The demonstration was attended by more than 50,000 people.

The qLit team has also joined the event.

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