5 LGBTQ+ Instagram comics you need to check out

Instagram has a wide variety of content, but did you know you can also read comics? And not just any kind of comics, but LGBTQ ones too! Dive into the world of queer comics with this short rec list!

Instagram is a very popular platform among digital art content creators, as it is a social network primarily dedicated to sharing images. It’s no different for LGBTQ artists, so we can find a lot of queer comics and other creative work on the platform. These include, to varying degrees, representation of all kinds of sexualities and genders, characters of different races and religions, slice-of-life and 18+ content


Sesamebutdifferent is a comic strip about the everyday life of a young lesbian couple. We find out how they’ve been together for a long time, that they’re wearing each other’s clothes, are sleeping through New Year’s Eve together and are enthusiastic about LGBTQ series.

Picture: @sesamebutdifferent

Sometimes the comics are about more intimate moments, like how Chia and Poppy support each other through thick and thin, and sometimes they share fond memories of the early days of their relationship.

Picture: @sesamebutdifferent


Jenifer Prince is a Brazilian artist and illustrator whose drawings evoke the vibe of vintage comics. Both the character design and the style take us back to the world of classic superhero comics, with the difference being that these characters are mostly lesbians. But that’s not all, there are also people of colour, Muslims, female versions of real superheroes, mermaids and vampires – in short, a wide range of representation.

Pictures: @jeniferrprince


The creator of the_reddot comics, Kim Winder, puts out some truly outlandish content, to the great delight of her followers.

Picture: @the_reddot

Kim herself is bisexual, so she writes both about her relationships with men and women, and is very open about her sexuality, so her site is definitely 18+. Perhaps the most exciting are her recurring themes and characters: in her series Meeting of the Minds, for example, her selves of different ages are used to cringe over some embarrassing moments from her past. Frequently appearing characters include the Devil and the Grim Reaper, with whom Kim (or Dot, as she calls herself in her comics) has formed a great friendship, and Gary, a talking anal plug.

Pictures: @the_reddot


The owner of the azurro_velluto account, Katalin Enikő Eged, creates lesbian content in a truly unique and compelling style. Most of her pictures use the same specific colour scheme: orange, black, white, and sometimes green or blue. Her works also often depict characters of colour, captured in their most intimate moments. A closer look at her works will reveal an aura of peace and harmony, and the subtle symbols surrounding the characters.

Pictures: @azzurro_velluto


Ash makes her own characters on her Instagram page, giving them nuanced personalities and backstories. She then uses various pics and comics to detail their personalities and make them interact with each other. Here, too, we find a wide range of representation: from being transgender to non-binary life to asexuality, the artist explores all of it.

Pictures: @ashleyloob

Of course, that’s not all; Instagram is full of many more LGBTQ artists who want to show off their talents to their followers. But if you’ve never read queer comics before, the aforementioned artists are a great place to start.


Translated by Zsófia Ziaja

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