The LIFT Lesbian* Festival: Coming once again this fall

In the Labrisz Lesbian Association we’ve been looking forward to announcing, after a long hiatus, the Lesbian Identities Festival is opening its doors once again on October 13th to create a safe space for you and with you. Preparation for the 14th LIFT festival has begun!

What is LIFT?

This multi-day feminist festival was first organized in 2005 by Labrisz volunteers, many of whom are still active in the organization today. The mission is to promote visibility and break down stereotypes about lesbians. We provide the venue every year, but the festival program is shaped in collaboration with you.

Text on image: Organize a workshop for the 14th LIFT!

This year the festival is not only relaunching, but also rebranding. With the new logo, we wanted to make a symbol that was easily recognizable. LIFT, in addition to being an acronym, is also a tool. We translated this dual meaning into a visual form as well. The shape of the triangle push buttons filled with the colors of the lesbian* flag not only illustrate the acronym of the festival but also its essence: get in the LIFT with us and let’s arrive together at a place where we can be ourselves, liberated.

The festival will take place October 13-15, 2023, and the venue will be a popular downtown location. Our motto this year is “Women in a Headwind”, because we can’t hide the obvious: we are heading to the next level in a totalitarian headwind, which you also feel day after day. We’d like you all to know that, as the LIFT community, together we can stand against any headwind.

In 2015, I got on at the tenth “level”, completely by chance. I found myself in a group of volunteers having a few beers and for the first time heard about what kind of tasks you can take on to help make the festival happen. I felt that I wanted to contribute to this too. My first festival was a free and welcoming experience, and I marveled at the wide range of activities offered.

Photo: Erdélyi Tea

I’m not saying anything new by mentioning that we aren’t all the same and I think that’s great. As lesbians*, we’re diverse, and it’s great to get to know many different identities. It’s a way of growing and strengthening, but of course it’s also a great place to get to know people. In my eyes, any organization, platform, or program that benefits the lesbian* community has value. Because it shows we want to do something for each other and for ourselves and that everyone can find their own community or communities.

Do you want to step up a level this year?

If you have ideas and would like to organize a workshop, you can apply here until July 31st. We accept any topics or ideas related to sexual minorities or women.

The lesbian* festival is organized by volunteers, largely through donations from the public, and in collaboration with professionals offering pro bono services. If you would like to apply to be a volunteer at the festival, write an email with the subject “14. LIFT” to us at If you would like to support the festival with a donation, you can do so on the LIFT Giving page—thank you in advance!

Get ready because coming again in the fall are workshops, presentations, literature programs (including a literature contest, deadline: August 15th) and a women’s party for LIFT attendees.

Text on image: “Freedom, Love”. The 14th LIFT literary competition

Until then, keep an eye on the LIFT and Labrisz webpages for more info. Soon we’ll launch the donation campaign as well. Thank you for joining us!


See you at the 14th Lesbian Identities Festival, whichever way the wind blows!


Graphical design: Márton Petrekovics

Translated by Amy Soto

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