LIFT Festival programs and information (13-15 October)

After a hiatus of several years, this year we, the Labrisz Lesbian Association, will finally be hosting LIFT again. LIFT, aka the Festival of Lesbian Identities, will be organized for the 14th time. Between 13 and 15 October, we will be hosting around 20 events, some of which we will organize, but many of which will be organized by you, the community, based on ideas you submitted. What’s more, this year we have a new warm-up program for you a week before the festival: a women’s self-defense workshop on 6 October.

This year’s LIFT could not happen without the unity of our community members who have decided to help make the festival happen through donations and volunteering. It is also a special pleasure to have several embassies among the festival’s supporters. The three-day festival is hosted at Bálint Ház, to whom we are very grateful for always being there for us.

The opening ceremony of the 14th LIFT Festival will be at Bálint Ház and, like most of our events, registration is required for participation. After the ceremony, there will be the premiere screening of Mária Takács’ latest film, The Second Golden Age, The Challenges of Love.

On 14 October, there will be a varied programme of interesting talks on queer art, the history of the storybook Fairyland for Everyone, Blanka Vay’s book My Cage, international relations between lesbians, Inclusive Spaces, and more. There will be workshops, performances, dance, concerts and stand-up comedy. During the festival, Berta Garadnay’s photo series “XX Generations” will be on display in the Bálint Ház.

It is important to note that many of the programmes are subject to registration, so be sure to check the detailed programme and register where necessary. Also, it is important that there will be a security check at the entrance of the Bálint Ház. It is advisable to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the programme. Thank you!

In the evening we will organise the GNGxLIFT party in cooperation with the GNG – Girls New Generation women’s party organisers at Gödör Club.

On the final day of the festival, you can take part in a city walk and a chill-out program.


Download the detailed Program Guide to check out all programs.


Tickets (Cash only)

13 October (Friday) – Opening ceremony
Free but requires registration.
Support ticket (optional): 1000 HUF

14 October (Saturday) – Bálint House (daily ticket)
3000 HUF

14 October (Saturday) – GNG × LIFT Party
With LIFT wristband: 3000 HUF
Without LIFT wristband: 3500 HUF

15 October (Sunday)
Sunday programs are free, but donations are accepted.


About the ’23 LIFT

This year’s slogan: Women in a headwind. We chose this slogan because as women, we experience every day the social and political obstacles we have to face, regardless of sexual orientation and social group. We believe that change can only be achieved collectively and to achieve this we must stand in solidarity with each other and stand together against this undemocratic system.


Our Sponsors and Partners

Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium, Embassy of the United Kingdom, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Sweden and 45 individuals from our community through the adjukö website.

Partners: Amnesty International Magyarország, Budapest Pride, Charme Hungary, Eötvös10 Művelődési Ház, Európa Könyvkiadó, FLiP e.V – Frauenliebe im Pott, GNG, Háttér Társaság, Közkincs Könyvtár,, School of Disobedience

Graphics/Design: Márton Petrekovics

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