LGBTQ+ Street Art in Budapest and Around the World

What if I told you that we are about to make an LGBTQ+ mural in Budapest?
A mural? But what is that? Well, here in Hungary most people identify large wall paintings as “artistic graffitis,” which of course is an obvious understatement. You can see and judge for yourself - just take a walk in the 7th district and you’ll be amazed to find myriads of awesome, high-quality wall paintings on rundown firewalls.


Just to list some, there’s a huge “Rubik’s cube” on Rumbach street, some funny-looking “grey cattle” on Kazinczy street, and mythic “Hestia” with magical green eyes on Dob street.

Nevertheless, it is not only Budapest that is rich in outdoor art. By now mural painting has become popular all over the world; in fact, in North and Latin America murals have a long tradition and high social significance. These gigantic paintings can truly uplift distressing, grey urban areas; what’s more, their thought-provoking social messages are just as beneficial. Inspiring statements, historical remembrance, heroes and everyday people watching us from above.

Murals bring art and thoughts to the streets. Censored, hidden, and forgotten issues finally get the attention they deserve. Once they are out there in the open, we start to talk about them, and when we do, they stop feeling unknown and scary. In fact, they might even appear as they really are - diverse and beautiful. Just like the painting itself.

So how would you feel about an LGBTQ+ mural on the streets of Budapest?

Here are some examples from around the world to give you some inspiration. What would you choose for your wall?

Brighton, UK


Brussels, Belgium


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Málaga, Spain


Philadelphia, USA


New York City, USA


Charlotte, USA


Rosario, Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

See, tons of amazing LGBTQ+ murals have already been made around world. They are truly fascinating, aren’t they? Just think about it, Iraq has its mural - I think it is time for Hungary too.

Let’s come out for a little painting!

As we wrote before, the author of the article is already working on Hungary’s first LGBTQ+ mural and she wants to hear from you. Be part of it, share your ideas:

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