Lesbians on Instagram, what is @everylesbianandtheirfashion?

Lesbians on Instagram, what is @everylesbianandtheirfashion?

@everylesbianandtheirfashion is an Instagram account where you can admire the daily uploads of stylish and beautiful lesbian women.

The page has already more than 50.000 followers, which is not surprising. Real or  fictional, famous or less famous lesbian style queens parade on this insta feed, knocking every stereotype down. You can find anything from an Ellen DeGeneres dressed in plaid shirt to Kristen Stewart sitting in on a fashion show.

Go Mag had a chat with its “curator”, Marloes Leeuw, about how this project has started and where it stands today.

The 32-year old from Amsterdam works as a social media manager and she started off with the page in 2017.

Since she was a little girl, she’s always loved fashion. Born in the late 80s and growing up in the 90s, she was really into skate-tees, dungarees and Dr. Martens boots, bleached hair, sneakers, and turtlenecks (even in summer). She is from a little village with a population of 2000, therefore she surfed the internet to find inspiration in fashion.

Instagram has always inspired her, she has been collecting lots of pictures from there and when she realized most of these pics were lesbian and queer women, she decided to put them online. That’s how @everylesbianandtheirfashion was born. She has been receiving feedback since day one. She loves how people send their personal story and pics. And the comments, which are funny and inspiring most of the time, generally make her happy and proud. This account is a community with all these beautiful people and stories.


And finally, here is a few more posts to show you why you may want to have a look at this instagram account.


Translated by Emese Balog

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