Lesbian series recs for gloomy, cold Sundays

November is on us, winter is coming and nobody really fancies going out to the cold anymore. A fuzzy blanket, hot drink, cat/dog in your lap, alone or with your partner, a cosy Sunday (or the whole weekend) with the best series is all you need. So get comfy and check out the best series on Netflix, Hulu and The CW.


The Haunting of Hill House

I have to confess that I only like watching horror movies when there is someone beside me whom I can cling to and tells me when I can finally peek out through my fingers. This series was no different - I think I haven’t seen half of the first episode - but as the story unfolded and I got to know more about the characters, I became more comfortable watching the episodes. The story starts with a haunted house where the Crain family moves for the summer so that the parents can renovate the property and resell it. This summer becomes a transformative experience for all five children, and every one of them tries to deal with what happened during these summer weeks in their on way. If I haven’t persuaded you that this Netflix series is the best option for your Sunday afternoon, just take a look at the amazing Kate Siegel, aka Theo Crain.


Charmed reboot

I was in elementary school when I watched every single episode of Charmed on TV, and when I finally discovered the internet, I started watching the episodes not shown on Hungarian television in English while decorating my bedroom’s walls with pictures of the actresses. All this ended in 2006. Now all of a sudden I realized my Twitter feed is full of articles about the Charmed reboot. I thought I would give a chance to the new sisters: Macy, Mel and Maggie, especially because Mel’s character is LGBTQ+. Only a few episodes have been released so far, and Mel and Nico’s relationship has caused no fuss, none of them even had to publicly come out which is quite positive. The story is perfect for a Sunday afternoon when you don’t want to think too hard about anything.


Marvel’s Runaways

The streaming service Hulu had used the Marvel Universe as an inspiration for this series, with great success so far. The story revolves around six teenagers who discover their super powers and start fighting the sect of their parents. The characters are basically American high school stereotypes, but they work well with the storyline. It’s funny and dramatic, with just enough supernatural to give it some spice, and the second season is just about to be released. Of course I wouldn’t recommend The Runaways if there were no LGBTQ+ plot included. You should remember Karolina, but I cannot tell more without spoilers. Maybe another reason to start watching the series is the emotional support dinosaur (no kidding!).


Jane the Virgin - Szeplőtelen Jane

23 year-old Jane Gloriana Villanueva becomes a virgin mother due to a messed up visit to her gynecologist. The father of her baby is the wealthy owner of a hotel chain where Jane works. Yepp, this is a Venezuelan soap opera remade in America. As a kid I loved soap operas, and we finally reached the point in social development when an LGBTQ+ character gets a role in it as well. At the beginning we only know that Luisa, the sister of the hotel-chain owner Rafael, is in a passionate on and off relationship with a woman, but as the story goes on, Petra Solano’s arc goes down this road too. A fun fact for the series: Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane has openly talked about her bisexuality.


Translated by Dóra Bajnóczi

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