Lesbian movies for Christmas

During the Christmas hassle you are longing for a little bit of peace finally, but you’ve already finished most series on Netflix, and anyways: Christmas is the time for movies. But what should you watch? Most Christmas films picture a heterosexual girl finding her heterosexual prince charming. No, thank you very much. We’ve already watched Imagine Me & You a thousand times, so you should pick something new.



Carol is a must-see lesbian Christmas movie. Cate Blanchett. Rooney Mara. Sarah Paulson. The story starts with a pair of gloves left at the counter during Christmas shopping in the 1950s and continues with a totally unexpected journey. The love between Therese and Carol is inevitable, and let’s face it, not many of us could resist a roadtrip with Cate Blanchett. 

Therese, the young photographer couldn’t either and she has a go at the journey of her life with Carol, which answers lots of her questions, but it isn’t without its difficulties. Cate Blanchett received an Oscar nomination, but more importantly a meme significant for the LGBTQ+ community was also created. This meme is used when a couple is definitely a  lesbian one but this fact is only realised later for straight people. The origin of this meme is an old couple who went to the movies to watch Carol. The lady realised only halfway through the movie that the characters were gay and she communicated her revelation to her husband with the exclamation “Harold, they are lesbians”.


Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

The movie is based on the life of the creator of the Wonder Woman comics. It tells the story of Professor Marston, his wife Elizabeth and his student Olive, who live in a polyamorous relationship in the 1930s. The film includes biographical elements, such as the invention of the basis for modern lie detectors while depicts the relationship between the two women and the professor with great dramaturgy. It’s an exciting drama colored with proper characters, not your usual and boring love story. The movie displays the stages of Wonder Woman’s creation and shows us how real life turns into a BDSM comic book. If you even a little bit liked Wonder Woman, you must watch this film.



When I learnt that Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz would make a movie together, I quickly got a hand on the book which served as the material for the film and read it. I’m not saying this was a mistake, however, I’m sure that I should have watched the movie first. Ronit moves to New York from her Jewish Orthodox community. She returns to London only for her father’s funeral, however, her short trip is just enough to upset the life of her childhood love, Esti and we learn why Ronit left London in the first place. It’s worth reading the book, because it gives much more background information on the characters, but the film is lighter in tone and easier to digest.


The Four-Faced Liar

The movie is a romantic comedy about four young adults in their twenties. It’s the all too familiar “don’t fall for the straight girl, because she has a boyfriend” cliche. Surely, drama is essential to most films, but this is a list of recommendations for the holidays, so it should have a happy ending. It’s a lighthearted comedy with some lesbian stereotypes, about a blond girl who hooks up with the brown girl in the wintery streets of New York. Perfect for a food coma!


Translated by Emese Balog

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