Improv theater workshop

Have you seen the improv performance, Meleg helyzetek!? Are you interested in how improvisation works? Would you like to try something new while being in a safe environment? Or would you just rather play like a child?

Then we highly recommend qLit and Impróka’s improv theater workshop open for everybody, where we play and have fun together while learning a bunch about spontaneity, creativity, each other and ourselves. The workshop is not only LGBTQ-friendly -it’s more of a straight-friendly LGBTQ event! Which means that you have nothing to hide if you’re a member of the rainbow community, and even if you’re not, we welcome you with open arms.

You can find all the information about the next event here:

Location: Lumen Coffeehouse (Budapest, 1085 Horánszky u. 5.)

What to expect:

We’ll be practising a lot of playful excercise together, laughing, sharing our experiences and getting closer to what the experience of improv is.

What not to expect:

There’ll be no scripts to learn, we won’t put you on the spot to make a fool of yourself and you won’t be left alone.

The host of the event is Ági Bokor, creator and director of the show Meleg helyzetek?!, whom you’ll be able to see alongside other actors from the play. You can read our interview with Ági about improv and the open workshop here.

The event is held every two weeks on Sunday afternoons.
Participation fee: 1500 HUF

Registration: - please send us an email so that we’ll know how many people to expect.

Come alone or bring your friends along!

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