Our 6+1 favourite ‘The L word’ scenes

From time to time we get back to the series of series, our lesbian Bible from which beginner and advanced lesbians* sometimes learn - the one and only The L word. This time we made a nice selection of our favourite scenes: defining moments, funny scenes and places to wonder about life.

The professional lesbian gaydar commando come to help Dana


Although 6 season were produced, one of our favourite scenes is right at the beginning of the series: that "gay or not gay" test. We bet it is all familiar to you, but if not, you can read some really serious stereotypes here that make it unequivocal of someone to be a lesbian.


The peak of embarrassbent: to show our sexual toys at the airport security check


A good piece of advice: if you'd like to take some pranky stuff to holiday, it's worth checking in a piece of baggage so you won't find yourselves in Dana and Alice's situation.


Friends are always there for you


What's a friend for? If you have bad mood, they join you to deface your billboard.


Dawn Denbo at a party where Alice doesn't even know who she is


Lover Cindy. She must be introduced like this. Every. Single. Time. Of course this episode is about far more, but the fact that Alice doesn't have a clue about who Cindy is (there is a slight chance the amount of the various materials she consumed by then at the party has an impact on her memories) makes it even funnier.


Love triangle = diaster


One of our most favourite serious moments. People can be perfect individually as well, but let's face it: Bette and Tina belong together. Although cheating is not a nice thing to do, there are connections that cannot be torn apart and they get back to where they belong. Who doesn't understand this hasn't watched The L word 12 times, so please do it immediately.


Alice finds out Shane and Jenny hooked up


Alright, Shane hooks up with everyone, but please... Jenny?!?! Ewww! Well, that's what Alice thinks. Others start to unstoppably laugh at a meeting, start to have nausea or else...


+1 All of Bette's F*CK in one video

It's very f*cking sexy if a goddess in fine, expensive clothes, high position lets out a swearing. Well, over the 6 seasons we get to watch and hear the one and only Bette doing that. Enjoy!


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