Celebrities who dress their hearts in rainbows for Pride

We’re heading right into the middle of Pride Month where in Budapest year to year there are more programs and qLit programs which we can choose between and we can celebrate. Maybe this is the season of the year when we can feel like ourselves, and, what is more, like the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than we perceive during a regular week. (I would like to believe that we’re moving forward in this direction when our support for one another doesn’t just happen during this month.)

This, however, requires people who we see daily on our favorite series or we listen to on our morning commute. It’s encouraging if well-known people openly and proudly support worldwide, showing the public that we don’t have to hide, but can be proud of ourselves.

So, here are some of them:


Taylor Swift


If you all didn’t realize yet that in Taylor Swift’s new video is spreading everywhere, it’s time to make up for the shortcoming, because it’s worth it. In the video LGBTQ+ celebrities are lined up one after another and every time you look back you always discover someone new.


Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle

On the English royal family’s most open married couple’s office Instagram page it celebrates and supports every LGBTQ+ person, family, friend, and organization. From the ruling house they are the first who openly stand up for LGBTQ+ rights.



Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Known from the series How I Met your Mother, this year Neil was the Tel Aviv Pride official ambassador. With his husband, they took part for the first time in the event, and based on the picture they really enjoyed themselves.


Kate Moennig and Leisha Haley

Without a doubt, Shane and Alice were the L Word’s most beloved characters. This year the cult series is coming back and Kate and Leisha celebrated 17 years of friendship at Los Angeles Pride.


Meghan Traynor

The singer also gave a concert at Los Angeles Pride shining in all the colors of the rainbow.


Halle Berry

Before West Hollywood Pride, the actress celebrated Pride on Instagram.


Jesse Tyler Fergusson and Justin Mikita

The couple runs a non-profit called Tie the Knot whose main goal is to help achieve marriage equality. In this spirit, they opened a pop-up story during Pride Month where you can buy things of every color of the rainbow for the parade. The proceeds, of course, went to continue the fight for equality.


Katy Perry

She shared a frame from her upcoming video “Never Really Over” to wish everyone a happy Pride Month.


Hillary Clinton

Not to be limited to just singers and actors, there are also politicians who stand by and fight for human rights. We hope she reaches her goal.


Ellen Page and Emma Portner

This year we can see Ellen Page in two LGBTQ+ themed films: in My Days of Mercy and in the Netflix series a Tales of City. With Emma Portner she wished everyone a happy Pride with an intimate photo.


I could go on to list more well-known people who openly support and encourage the LGBTQ+ community members, from Charlize Theron to James Franco to Lily Tomlin. Fortunately, the list is getting longer and longer.  July 6 let’s go to the Budapest Pride Parade knowing that we are not alone, but the best would be if we could make others feel the same the rest of the days of the year too.


Translated by Amy Soto


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