Bratislava Pride 2017

After Tel-Aviv, Budapest and Berlin we marched on Bratislava Pride this Saturday. Our plan for 2017 was to participate in the parades of as much countries with different LGBTQ situations as possible. That’s how we visited Tel-Aviv in the Middle East, Berlin in Western Europe, and now - after Budapest - comes Bratislava representing Eastern Europe.

It all looks familiar at first: on the Facebook event page you are warned that there will be strict security check at the entrance, and if you are late you are simply not allowed to enter the fenced area. Once the parade is over you are advised to hide your rainbow flag, badge or other clear symbol – for your own safety. We know all these very well, we are used to them.

It was the 7th Pride in Bratislava, and it still has that nice, cozy atmosphere as I remember the 2010, 2011 parade in Budapest. The first thing we noticed once we got to the starting point at half past one is that it was full of young people: young twenty-somethings or even teens in the quite diverse crowd. The other thing impossible not to mention is the presence of plenty of flags. Not only the small paper flags (that were handed out by Lenovo and Absolut Vodka among others) but huge rainbow flags, trans and bisexual flags as well.

While a happy crowd was listening to the speeches and the bands entering the stage, there was lively chatting around the civil tents, buffets and beer taps surrounding the gathering square.

The parade started off around half past 2, with approximately 1500-2500 smiling faces.

In spite of the continuous spitting of the rain we marched within an enthusiastic crowd throughout the old town. The parade was led by a percussion band creating an unbelievable atmosphere, while more at the back instead of trucks a single rickshaw provided the music.

Now let’s see the pictures!


Photos and translation by Eni Várhelyi

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